I just joined i need advice and help :(

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i know Sapling that all of us on here are not bad people and thank you i know i can over come this sickness
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Welcome Porto, You are getting great advice from a lot of supportive people on here. Take it, get involved in bettering yourself and you will find the problems you are stressing about today will fade away. You will probably meet some better friends in the process.
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Welcome porto, I really feel for you and hope you can find a better direction for yourself. We've all done some really rotten things when we were drunk that we would never in a million years do when sober, what's important is that you realize it and do whatever you can to fix it. Really glad you're here!!
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thanks foodie! that means a lot yea i have realized that i have a drinking problem but i`m quitting drinking for good i feel like i hit rock bottom so now its time to smarten up and stop hurting my self and others and thanks man i am glad i am on here
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Here is a good website porto. It can't hurt you to look at it. It may save your life.

AA Alcoholics Anonymous London Ontario Area Meetings
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Hello Porto :-). I think that we can all relate to alcohol having such an effect on us that it turns us into monsters sometimes. Its very scary to learn what you are capable of under the influence and also very un-nerving to not remember, having to be told by others the things you have done. My drinking is very unpredictable, sometimes it's ok, other times it's horrible. Thats why I have decided that I can't drink anymore, because I never know when I'm going to act out. I do/say things I would never, when sober. I don't want to take that risk. It's not worth it. Good luck to you, I hope that things work out for you :-)
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I was the best drinker in the world until my friends would tell me the next day what I did...Or my exgf would have to put up with my drunken rages, well she's gone. Why shoudn't she be, why should anyone have to put up with any of my actions when drunk..I have lost A LOT, wish I had hit bottom years ago but I didn't and here I am. Been sober since December and its been a roller coaster ride. Anxiety, depression, the loneliness. Its been a long hard road but things are getting better, not fast by any means but things do get better. Have to admitt that this has been the hardest period of my life but I'm determined to get through it sober. I want to be the person I know i am, kind, gentle, caring and loving. Hang in there and work hard, it will come...
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