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Hi. My name is Leah and I was prescribed/addicted to Suboxone for about 3 years. Prior to that I used oxycontin for about a year. I use 2-80mg oxys perday til I found out I was pregnant. Then I was on suboxone since. What a wake up call it was when my daughter was put in theNICU after she was born or 7 weeks! I plan on having more children as I am only 25 & never want to go thru that again. It was incredibly embarrassing.

Iwould go to my DR-who sd while brng pregannt I could miscarry, so do not get off it! So I didnt.

PLUS--I FEARED withdrawal more than our Heavenly Father above.

But then I broke down this past Sunday and prayed and prayed that I would never ever look back if he helped me through it. See, I had successfully withdrawn b4. IDK y I went back. Call it stupididty. So i KNEW how bad it was. This time around with all the prayers and support of familynd friends....i made it through. It was quite incredible and I thought I was going to die bc i was so weak and uncomfortable but my prayer helped bc I meant what I said.

I am only on day 3-4. 3 years ago I was taking 1-8mg/day. I kept on that awhile..then down to a half (4mg) then over time i broke it down smaller and smaller.Then last week I was barley taking any. I think this is why my withdrawals werent as bad as the first time. TAKE YOUR TIME and BE PATIENT but you should definitly take your time bc the w/d will be less severe.

The first 2 days were difficult but it was easier than what I originally feared it would be....

BUT.....I just o not feel like the usual ME, yet.

Im hoping it all coms back. Im typically energenic and quirky and fun w/energy. Im just happy to be off it.

I reallly want to go to soem sort of 30 day program where I could possibly get a scholarship. Any ideas?

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Welcome to SR Leah..If you can get into a 30 day rehab that would be great. I'd recommend attending some NA meetings in the meantime...It's free and I have friends that recovered with the 12 steps in NA. It's a spritual program but you sound like you would be open to that. I think it was prayers from others as well as my own that saved my life and got me into AA. You have my prayers that you can do this.
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