Choosing sobriety as a way of life

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I relate to everything you say. Makes me think of:

A youtube clip titled Jung, Alcoholics Anonymous, And Drug Seeking Behaviour. Explains why some people seeking a feeling of euphoria, meaning, completeness...and why, for some people, that journey leads to getting high and then to a lot of trouble.... Jung felt addicts would never kick addiction without accepting God -- it doesn't really do it for me either, unless you think broadly about the concept of God, Spirt, Community, Geist, etc...somewhere there you try to find the thing that is meaningful and makes you feel like more than just you. This system won't let me post a link until I'm a member for 7 days, so you just have to search the title at youtube.
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All or nothing girl here too! 3 years ago alcoholism progressed and ex fiance and I sobered up in AA for six months. He fell off the wagon and ended up back in Jail for his 5th DUI. I chose to walk away from the situation but did not continue my sobriety. I am now going for a permanent round 2 of sobriety. I am on the brink of starting my own business (which will be a map to my life). At some time I'd like to have a child = I am 32 and have none and quite frankly ALCOHOL JUST DOES NOT FIT INTO MY LIFE AND NOTHING GOOD EVER COMES FROM DRINKING ALCOHOL.

Working on herbal remedies/teas/vitamins if anyone has suggestions. Look forward to seeing you guys & gals around. :ghug3
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Hi Joe,
I am certain I have a drinking problem. I would like last Mondays hangover to be my last.

I may be what some would call a "Functional Alcoholic" in that I function well at my job, my family enjoys my company (with one important exception I'll talk about another time) and friends will be surprised when I let them know, one by one that I am an alcoholic.

Like many, I have tried to moderate, with some success, but always marked by major failures. Failures major enough to make obvious to me that I can't keep on this path, as it is obviously heading downhill to a major episode...

So I am here. Choosing sobriety, and soon to really start struggling with alcoholism as my body realizes the absence of this de-naturalized solvent. Kills germs as well as brains...

Anyway, a few things I am fearing, and looking forward to. Ever get to a big party late, and everyone is 3 sheets to wind? You try to talk to people and they're just not very interesting because they're blasted? Things they think are so meaningful are often just WTF?? Usually, only blasted people find blasted people interesting.

As a sober person, you will be pressured to drink too. Put some water or soda in an empty beer bottle. Or seltzer and bitters in a glass looks like beer. But i think what will actually happen, is those situations will really be much less attractive and interesting.

One last thing, you didn't find this site **simply** because you didn't feel like drinking anymore. So listen to your heart, enjoy our support, and go for it. You can't lose.

And if you do go to big crazy parties, drunks are easy to prank, and designated drivers are far too rare.
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Hi pegyeats and MissBinger

You'll find a lot of support here - you'll probably get more responses tho if you start your own threads

Welcome to SR
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