Journal, or whatever you wish to call it

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Journal, or whatever you wish to call it

I know this is not for everyone but I started a journal/log the day I started my sobriety. I wrote about my feelings, cravings, anxiety, high moments, low moments. About what was good, getting better etc. I wrote everyday, honestly. I didn't do it diary style but rather point style, random thoughts, how I felt, realizations, quotes from SR/internet that I found important to me and my recovery. Money saved from not drinking, tracking my blood pressure etc.
It may not be for everyone but some might find it useful. For me, it was a log for me to fall back on. When I feel bad or weak, I can go back and read how far I have come and see where I was and never want to go back to. It also tracked my progess for times when I felt an urge, I could see how good I have felt without it and to keep pushing.
I see when I go back to the the beginning how crappy day 1 -5 was and how I am much happier now. When I crave, I read and know I don't want to go back to that. I keep track of all the good things and realizations and it makes me happy when I review the list and can add to it. And the money saved... WOW...
My son gave me a sticker of Black cat fighting and it reminded me of me fighting the "beast" so I stuck it in my book, makes me smile when I see it and how I am fighting this for my kids (hence my avatar)
Anyhow, just thought I'd share one of my many techniques which has helped me.
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I think that is a great idea Not just because you can go back and see where you were and reflect on your progress, but because writing can be therapeutic and help bring things to the surface.
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I agree completely that journalling or any form of writing, can help a lot.

There were times in recovery when I felt 'stuck' and I wasn't going anywhere. Looking back at my feelings and thoughts in earlier days would always remind me how far I had come.
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My posts here were my journal (pre blog days) but it was helpful to me, absolutely

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