Since I've become sober.....

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Since I've become sober I have noticed that the drunk people are just being stupid.....I feel sorry for them....are they really having fun? I think not!
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I thought I had the prize for obsessive posting? everyone has been very kind and patient for the most part...(only one person was unappreciative of my participation, but you can't please everyone).

since I've been sober I've noticed:

I have an extra $50. a week or more, my hair is no longer shedding down the shower drain, I have not called out sick from work, my BP is almost normal, I am on 1/2 the meds i used to take...I no longer have "hot flashes", so i am off 2 other meds, i have natural energy, I sleep better, real sleep. I have much less anxiety, I have rational thinking, no longer get worked up about little things...and most importantly I have HOPE.

nobody waved a magic wand and my life did not become *perfect*, but it is a definite improvement in how I view my life....a new reality indeed.
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I thought I had the prize for obsessive posting?
Neo's date is 2009...
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since I've become sober:

I've noticed that other people drink very little compared to how I would drink.....I spent 6 hours over at my brother's house on mother's day with family....(we hung out for a long time as there is a new baby to play with) SIL had maybe 2 drinks during that time and since I was perched on the kitchen counter barstool, I watched her make them...very light on the vodka, heavy on the diet tonic and cranberry...I hogged the Kuerig coffee maker and made about 6 cups of lemon zinger...then fruit jiuce and seltzer.

same for my excessive drinking, same for my nephew, one drink, then coffee all day....hmmmm?

no one makes as big a deal about me not drinking, they don't care...I had this family gathering thing all blown up to a big deal with and without was all in my head.

I am less paranoid since i'm sober.....

LTT, love the new avatar!
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This is such a cool post anyway it could become a sticky?


My life really was void of the things I care about when I drank. I am learning to give a hoot again.

Unidenifiable bruises are going away.

I care about how I look.

I am not fixated on how many cans are left in the fridge, and if I run out before I am done will my neighbors, bless their hearts, have any or run to get me more?

And last but not least since I have become sober, I have noticed that my life is worth something and I don't want to waste it anymore.
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Since ive become sober ive noticed that..

- Money seems to be easier to find
- I dont have bags of cans to recycle
- I dont need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet
- I can drive a car after 5pm
- I no longer do the maths in my head all day long about if I have enough beer for the week.
- My favourite website isnt "where to find the cheapest booze" its now SR
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since I've become sober I don't look for excuses to skip work, and i actually get there 5 minutes early and stay until I'm supposed to. what a concept!
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Great thread!!!!

Since I've been sober I feel alive!! in body mind and spirit!!! Like I've been reborn again!!!
And my house is alot cleaner, my personal apperance is better kept, and I sleep so much better!! and wake up feeling so refreshed!!!
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I just noticed another small new one...

SIGS... The calendars around my place are actually showing the right month lol
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I actually look forward to a license check
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I just realized I can go to a BBQ tonight that is far away because I just remembered that I can drive my car on Saturday night without worry now that I am sober.

Actually, I can drive any time I want...
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LOL!! had to laugh at alot of the posts!! I can sooooooooooooo relate!!!!! love the calendar thing!!! how true!! Congrads everyone!!!!
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Since I've become sober, I've noticed that:

A lot more people that I know rely on alcohol, that I had never realised before
There is a lot more money in my wallet
I look forward to an early night and falling asleep, not passing out
I don't have to be scared of booze buses anymore
I don't have to worry about saying things I would never normally say
I don't have to skimp on things to have enough money for alcohol
I can handle scary situations without it

I could go on and on... not that it's not a struggle, but seeing and acknowledging these little rewards makes it so much easier!
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Originally Posted by lillyrose View Post
Since I've become sober, I've noticed that:

A lot more people that I know rely on alcohol, that I had never realised before
Now ain't that the truth!!!

Since I have been sober, I have realized that I haven't had a gut wrenching, smothering, panic attack or massive anxiety.
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LOVE this thread!! Great humour and a real feeling of 'family' or 'community' and belonging :-)!


Well a lot of what's already been said above and:

Just yesterday I realised that I don't buy/use neurofen anymore! I used to buy and consume boxes of it to help me cope with the hangovers! What the hell did that do to my liver too?!

I have so much more time on my hands to do things like go to the gym, to Mass, the movies, shopping, get the house organised, meet up with and talk with friends and family!

How screwed up the drinking culture is back home in Ireland...People think there's something wrong with YOU if you're not drinking..!!

The emotional pain and guilt is lessening - especially now after 100 days...I don't any longer think about it 1st thing in the morning and sometimes don't think about it for a day or two which I never thought possible...

I'm trying to be a much better person with a decent set of morals and values...I can look at myself in the mirror now...

My memory is getting better and I'm not forgetting or mixing up words as I seemed to be doing so often in the last couple of years..

I'm getting addicted to SR ;-)

Big hugs and much love to everyone here!

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Since I've become sober I've noticed that....

I am less reactive to situations
I am calmer and more present with my children
I feel better about everything
I identify with every single story in the Big Book!
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Since becoming sober I've realized that:

I don't have to drown my pain with alcohol. Feeling stuff is normal and okay!
I do much better at my job and want to keep it that way.
Some people do still like me for who I am without alcohol.
Reading and being able to remember what I read the next day is pretty cool.
Working out is a lot better when I'm not hungover. I no longer feel like vomiting through every session.
Life can be scary, but having my wits about me to deal with it is much preferred over drinking my fears away.
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Since I've become sober I can remember what I did yesterday and what I said!
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1. The sun rises with kindness and strength

2. The birds seem happier.

3. My children smile at me.

4. There's a new energy in the air that picks me out of bed
and puts me on the floor at 5 am, where I face the day
with clean breath, a clear mind, and the intention to tread
carefully so I don't hurt anyone.

5. I hear the wind with greater affection, I feel the stars, and I
have a deep trust that at last I am doing the right thing.

6. Life is never easy for anyone, and that the intention to take the
road less travelled can be as life-changing as getting to your destination.
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Since I've become Sober I've realized

1. I'm not drunk.

2. All those empty Bourbon bottles I was going to turn into lamps and make a million $ on the home shopping network....are not staring at me, telling me to get more so I can make more money.. Lamps ?? Yeah, drinking made me ..""CREATIVE""..NOT !!!

3. How frikkin hard this is but am finding new strength and lots of support here at SR...had I been drinking I probably would have mused at this sight and said, "yeah, their probably all robots programmed to answer that way for a donation. Pffft !! and moved on to google maps to research the distance and hours of all the liquor stores within a 2 mile radius of me...yup, I did that.

4. That being conscious of daily hygiene and health are most definitely better for my body than my old spin cycle of drink, soak, repeat...cheaper too !!

5. I don't repeat myself as often...AND I don't repeat myself as often either...

Four out of five isn't bad in the first week 'eh ?? is my 7th day, hasn't been easy but last night got a good 5 hours straight of sleep, no bad nightmares but physically still feel pretty bad...taking vitamins and some protein shakes, so hope these work a bit to help me get through this week...oh and one more thing...

6. I couldn't have done it without having Sober Recovery here 24/7 whenever I have a bad feeling come over me or a craving...the stories, the honesty and education and humor I have read in a week will be with me for a lifetime...thank you all for being here...this is a brilliant place to be. ...not to mention that Monkey Diving game has helped me in the Arcade a few times although they wind up in the "drink". ;-) ,,,

Peace all.
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