Since I've become sober.....

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...than never
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I don't miss that liquor store one bit.
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The amount of times a day I say SORRY has dramatically reduced.

It feels good to sleep in a bed instead of where I drop.

I've never once woke up in a puddle of urine.
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I've stopped making comparisons to my drinking days:-)
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I like waking up before the alarm goes off, with time to cuddle my grandson before the day starts.

I love my morning coffee!

I can taste my food again.

I have money left in my purse.

My evenings are more serene, having lost the panic of getting everything done before my drinking could start.

I'm not as honest as I always thought I was.

I like myself better.

I can forgive myself.

My husband likes me better.

There are soooo many 'betters'...I'm looking forward to keeping them all.
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Since I've become sober I am a happy person.
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Since I have become sober...

No more wondering what I did the night before...
No more feelings of shame.
No more not remembering what my wife and I talked about.
No more endless bottles of pepto.
No more hangovers
No more hiding empty fifths

Positive things that have happened:
Evenings spent enjoying time with my kids
Developing a nightly ritual and actually making a conscious decision when to go to sleep and where
Mornings spent waking up without a hangover, enjoying starting the day with coffee and helping the family get ready
Going to work and actually feeling good about it
Lost weight

And finally believing that there is a future without alcohol

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I've got no more bumps and bruises I don't know where came from.
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Karma Amputee
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Among other things, I've noticed that I don't talk as loud or as fast or as rambling as I used to when I was always drinking and that I don't feel the need to shout over other loud drunk people to get my own drunken point across.

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i've done my almost
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Since I've become sober...

I've realized how insane my thinking was and still is. I've got a lot of work to do, but I'm grateful for the opportunity. All is not lost.
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I have not thrown up or had an accident in my pants!
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Since I have become sober...

I LOVE waking up in the morning!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by HideorSeek View Post
Since I have become sober...

I LOVE waking up in the morning!!!!!!
Yep, its the simple things that you can appreciate again.

SIBS... I now have energy to do outside activities & appreciate the things I do & the places I go to.
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Wonderful thread!

Loved reading all the replies. Some are funny, some are touching, all of them are inspiring!
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Since I have become sober I

Don't carry shame around any more and can look people in the eye.

ENJOY every moment with my son and don't get stressed when he's just being a boy.

Anxiety about driving highways is gone - POOF!

Freedom to drive after 4 pm and do things that I couldn't before because I had drank too much to drive or was planning on drinking too much to drive.

Look forward to my afternoon cup of coffee as much as I did my glass of wine - BIG CHANGE FOR ME THERE! LOL!

I feel contented with life and not anxious about things and about having to be in control as I used to.
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Blu**ed Lines...A ClockWork SR
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I have hair; and it really does look better cut reguarly.
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Scars,Souvineers we never lose
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Since I have been sober I see miracles happening all around me and the amazing people that are being put into my life every second of everyday that all have something to offer me and that feels good when i have ALWAYS (until the end there) that people came to with their problems (which I dont mind) but it feels good to let people in. I am no longer in hiding and I am so very thankful for that! <3 Dreams
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April 18, 2010
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I haven't lost a piece of jewelry, but I have lost ten pounds!

I no longer shut down ideas about the future, because I now find positive change conceivable. (And I'm taking big things like one day having a family and owning a house . . . things that seemed impossible before.)

I no longer feel misanthropic and paranoid in public places.

and last, that I have a lot to feel grateful for.
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I visit SR every day.

Increase The Peace
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Since I've become sober, I've noticed that cash actually stays in my wallet more than a couple days.
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My Body likes me now!!
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