Hi....I'm still here!

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Hi....I'm still here!

Just wanted to touch base again and say hello to everyone!

Least...I've been following your posts stay strong sweetie!

I've been drinking on and off...days on it and days off...whatever days....they've been crap.

I got a sponsor in AA...........and since I didn't turn in to my last meeting...she hasn't rang or texted me...which is absolutely fine....why should anyone run around after me.............

I just cannot do it the AA way.....I've tried it and for me and my busy just takes too much away from me...My treat to my self at the end of the day is solitude....whether that be in drinking wine...or sober and reading a book.

So...... I will be trying to abstain yet again....and maybe hang around/post on the secular forum...even thou that 'windysan' is a bit scary!!!.Ok it's just his avatair.Lol.
Anyway I'm here and humble and I will be posting more.

To those of you who are firm believers of AA and has tried to help me in the past.......I'm grateful for you help.

To those of you in the secular forum..............may your HP be with you....I'm heading down your way
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Good to see you back!!

Try not to get disheartened, you'll find your way if you want it badly enough. Whatever you do don't pick up that first drink!! Whether you're a big-book thumping militant preacher or a willpower driven white-knuckling athesist this key principle applies. I think it gets lost in translation at times though unfortunately.

Post on SR everyday too, it really helps!!

All The Best
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Posts: 36,740 continue to look for something that benefits you. does not have to be the AA way.
You alredy know we have memy members here who are
successfully sober useing a variety of methods.

Keep posting...wishing you the best

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Stayinfree, I visited a site that actually directed me to SR, and I'm glad it did. The guy that runs it has also written a book, he didn't use AA and is 4 years sober at this time. You may find it useful - anything that helps....PM me for details.

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It makes no difference HOW you stay sober as long as you can stay sober. Whatever works. I hope you can find a method for staying sober soon. Sobriety really rocks!
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There are many of us here, me included, who don't do it the AA way.

But, I can tell you that I find so much support and inspiration here, it's so helpful to me. I, too have found that solitude is crucial to me. Well, actually balance is crucial to me, and solitude is part of the balance. If I don't have some alone time during a day, I miss it.

I hope you keep reading and posting.
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Stayin, sometimes I think I have a lot of nerve encouraging someone to go to a meeting when I myself have not been doing that. So I understand if you don't think you could make a go of it by sticking with the meetings. If you are openminded about how to achieve the changes you need, that is a good start to me. I am sure some of the big proponents of AA used to be very skeptical (to put it lightly) about that approach, and they turned around when something clicked for them. I have met people in person before who fit that description. Ideas and approaches intermingle, so I am convinced we take and benefit from pieces of AA whether we physically go to the meetings or not. By signing in here I snuff out the thought that creep in, if not just to check in, etc. Hope you will keep looking at what you need.
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Good to see you back stayinfree

To me it's not about this programme or that one, it's about action or inaction.
Like Neo and Least said, when we want it bad enough, it'll happen

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Hi everybody, I wanted to check in and let you know it's Day 5 and I'm still doing good. I'm addicted to both alcohol and weed. I haven't drank in 5 days and haven't smoked weed for about a week before that. I was super stressed today about some crap with my father but I didn't even let my mind go there. I see now what garbage alcohol and weed is. I just went to my room and watched some Comedy Central and that actually helped.
Good luck to all you beginners. Robin
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keep up the good work Robin!
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Kyb, thank you..... it really helps when you guys respond to my posts. It makes me not feel so alone.
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Hi Robin

good to meet you and good to have you with us
Congrats on your sober time - comedy helps me too

Hope to see you round some more
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