Hey Everyone - I am new

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Hey Everyone - I am new

I am a 28 year old living in NYC that needs to stop drinking. Have tried numerous times to quit on my own but isn't working.
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Welcome to SR!! You will have our support in your recovery and you will find tons of useful information and experiences. You are not alone so take time to check out the posts.

You need a program in place to help you stay sober and that may be counseling, AA, SR, your Doctor, etc.

When you are ready to quit just toss the booze and stop. I am pulling for you and it does get better!

Looking forward to following your progress. Kim
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Welcome to SR... I hope you find it as helpful and supportive as I do. Keep reading and posting...
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Welcome to SR! Have you talked to your doctor about help in getting thru withdrawals? Meds can be given for a few days to ease the w/d symptoms. After that you could try some AA meetings for a good start to sobriety. There are other programs too, which I'm sure you'd find in NYC, being such a big city.

Some people here just use this site for their recovery. I use SR, counseling, and a few AA meetings here and there. I'm sober over four months and it's going well so I must be 'doing it right'.
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Welcome! This place is great for support
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I am new here too. In fact, this is my first post.

Found this forum a couple of days ago and have been reading a lot since. So many stories sound exactly like mine. When I reflect honestly upon my life (which is difficult for me to do, I am finding), my drinking has cost me a great deal.

I've tried to quit (and failed, obviously) more times than I can count, but never really talked with anyone about it.

I'm hoping to use this forum as a way to do that. To share this journey with others, and learn from those who have gone down this road before.

Today is my sixth day sober.

I want to say much more, but to be honest just the fact of making this post has gotten me more than a little emotional.
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Welcome aboard! Glad you found us.

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April 18, 2010
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hi nyc -- this forum has been a great deal of help to me so far -- i hope it will be helpful for you, too! welcome.
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There's lots of support and information here, so keep reading and posting.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Anywhere you fund a lot of drinkers...
you can find a lot of AA meetings...

Welcome to our recovery community....
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Welcome to SR!

If you are ready to gotta make it your main focus. Possibly your only focus for right now. I wish you well.
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Welcome nyc and Fool! It's wonderful you've joined the family. The people here convinced me I could have a whole new life, even after drinking for over 25 yrs. I didn't know how I'd get through one day without it, but I signed on here every single day and read all the encouraging posts. Gradually I was able to see beyond the misery I was feeling in the beginning - I knew I could come out into the sun once again and have a whole new beginning..

You can have a wonderful life without poisoning yourself every day. You don't need to be numb - it's just a lie we've told ourselves. Keep posting and let us help you. We're glad you're here.
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Hi to both you guys

I think support is vital. It certainly made all the difference to me, and I know you'll find it here.

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Thanks everyone for the welcome. I will be looking at some of the resources and this is an exciting time for me. I have always knew that I had issues but never taken steps to get into a community. I was pretty sure I could kind of work myself out of this phase. Now there is no doubt I need help.

Well, anything I can do for you guys as well let me know. Again, thanks for the warm welcome.
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there;s those dang issues again! lol

welcome to the family
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Rusty - thanks for the welcome. Yeah those issues never just go away by themselves. Surprise! Surprise!

Fool - Sounds like we are in a similiar position. Would echo your comments. Have seen my story written countless times in the day I have been browsing.
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Have seen my story written countless times in the day I have been browsing.
hey nyc,

try five years of browsing!

sheesh, i aint terminally unique, and shure as hell aint alone! lol

nyc, do you know about the "Mustard Seed" Meeting in NY
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