Hi easy to quit just ask me

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RIP Sweet Suki
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Wish they'd close this thread.
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Okay, guys, let's move on.
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Well, I think it would be nice if the thread could be salvaged, whether that includes the original poster or otherwise. I say that because we frequently see newcomers to the site mentioning what amounts to alienation from certain approaches - whether well-founded in their apprehension or not. For example, we often see, "I just don't want AA, too holier than thou, too much God." Well, I don't go to AA meetings currently, but I interact with AA people here. I am able to do that because I like to use a mixed bag approach as opposed to one size fits all. I just set aside my baggage with regard to religion and take a look at the topics that are discussed (and try to be openminded). Maybe there is more to be set about "How I Did It" after all. I don't think "cure" is the right way to look at it though, since I am of the belief that addiction is pretty much there for life. But there are all sorts of people though, not just one stage, not just one set of problems, etc etc. Maybe these people who are more confused about their relationship with substances would get something from a less black and white approach. If not, well, there's always a new thread cropping up!
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Hi Im Sharon and Im an Alcoholic.

By the grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havrent found
it necessary to pick up a drink of
"POISON" since 8-11-90.

For that and you I am truely
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Bill W's approach was to share what he knew about alcoholism and to share what he knew about the solution. If the new person thought they could do it (recover) some other way, then he wished them well in their journey. Certainly AA has no monopoly on recovery, and if another path works for an individual, then that is great news. I know for myself, I have found that AA works if I follow a few simple guidelines (i.e., the 12 steps). I am grateful for recovery. Tuesday was my two year anniversary.
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Congratulations, Susan, that's fantastic news!
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It's funny how some guy(?) jumps on here promising the cure and we all get worked up. His post reminds me of a shopping channel commercial...promising an easy cure for only four easy installments of your "real self".

Come on buddy...time to GET REAL.
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This is weird, If the person really quitted on his own why isn't he telling us how. This thread seems stupid as it is I don't get it.
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Originally Posted by donbradmaniac View Post
If you want to know how to do it, you will have to present the real self to me and discuss the process. The key here is the "real self" and shaping the reality within it. It is a simple process to change things around so that the drugs and alcohol cause sufficient conitive dissonance to form a barrier.
I've read some doozies in my day but this, well...
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everything is already ok
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lol Good Onya Don you'll have plenty of takers in the round city mate
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I think this is what Don has found to be a way out of addiction.

Originally Posted by donbradmaniac View Post
There are many reasons why people start to drink and continue to drink at problem levels. I have not seen one which can not be turned totally around and the force of will and motivation becomes a stop drinking focus and determination.
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Don if only you'd posted what Zencat quoted you'd have over half of SR walking with you on your merry road of willpower...Maybe something catchy like...DO I HAVE THE POWER...DARN RIGHT I DO...every morning in the mirror may be one of the suggestions? Before a healthy bowl of alpen and a zing of rhubarb tea to keep the cravings at bay hehehe quality
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Meh. I'm not sure about the "on my own" concept, we are forever with people in our lives influencing our paths. I quit "by myself" in a dark room, paralyzed by my shame, drowning in despair, but only because others had witnessed my fall.

While getting sober "on my own", I came to SR and found kindness, wisdom and understanding, which helped me let the light in.

I never had to ask anyone here who had found their way out of the darkness for instructions, they offered it freely and continue to do so. If you are new , stick around and read more, hope is found here (on most threads anyway =).
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If quitting your way turns me self righteous and secretive, no thanks, I did plenty of that in my using days.

Glad you found a way that works for you, glad I found a way that works for me
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So where has DonBradManiac gone now then?

Me thinks he/she is a troll
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