Your life's purpose

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Your life's purpose

Ok SR members, gather 'round, WakeUp is going to tell you all a story.

There once was a king who wanted to know the meaning of life. So he gathered all his scholars, philosophers, and religious leaders and told them to go all over the world and think of the meaning of life. When they came back to report to the king, the only condition was that the king wanted the meaning of life condensed into one word.
So the scholars, philosophers, and religious leaders went out and searched the world for the meaning of life and when they came back to the kingdom they said, "Your majesty, we have discovered the meaning of life, and we can tell it to you in one word. Survival."
__________________________________________________ ___________

Is this really the meaning of life? Survival? Do we live just for self preserverance? Or is there a higher purpose to life?

I'm spending this weekend discovering my life's purpose. What is your life's purpose?
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I believe we don't find purpose it finds us. It is put before us each day. It might be someone in need of help moving something, a ride somewhere, a sincer(?) letting one know you care.. In my case it has been coaching baseball and watching a kid become better and parents thanking me for taking extra time with their son.
It is not one thing, but many. It is helping others toward the light and being real for friends and family. Only a small percent of people is 'fine' so the rest is wanting for others to know they are not alone...

Be open to others, walk toward the light and you will help others along the way.

I have experienced all this and not just once but all the time.

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Honestly don't know, and it's been troubling me somewhat, but I do know one thing that is immeasurably reassuring, I know what my life's purpose is not.
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I have no idea what my purpose in life is. I do think that 'survival' is too limiting tho, as I think that there's a lot more to living than just surviving.
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Here is an excercise Steve Pavlina suggests.
1. Get a sheet of paper.
2. Write at the top "What's my life's purpose."
3. Write down what comes in your head.
4. Keep repeating step 3 until the answer makes you cry. That's your life purpose.

He says the first things you write down will be superficial things, but when you keep writing you get down into the deeper levels and when you hit the level that makes you break down, there's your life purpose.
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Wake...freedom and destiny by rollo may might be a good read for you.

I know that sometimes i think i am reaching for my life's meaning when actually I am running from purpose...i think humans are tricky that way...

I know that I may never truley know what the purpose of life is or what my purpose in life is...but it is there..aknowledged or not.

Purpose seems to be matter where i flow...i am gently course corrected.

Sometimes i find out that one small seemingly unimportant action has created a karma which has pulled another in a positive direction completely unknown to me.

I'm not sure I need to or am ment to know the purpose of life...I do need to listen to the small voice in my head/heart/soul...that says like some famous guy i stand...i can do no other. I was told by a priest once...find the space to be....exaclty where you are...

ok drivil of early morning thoughts
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for me, to be the best person I can be. That entails honesty, personal integrity, compassion, patience, tolerance, acceptance and humility.
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There was once a Zen master walking through the shops in town, when he overheard a butcher and his customer talking. The customer said, "Give me your best cut of meat" to which the butcher replied, "every cut is the best." At that moment, the Zen master became enlightened.

There is beauty in everything, even tragedy. Embrace what has been as what should have been, and you are free to look for it. My life has been filled with frustration and fear, and in dealing with them, I have done stupid things and wasted alot of time. But without this life, I would not have the capacity for forgiveness, compassion, and wisdom that I have, so I see it as a blessing.

(A blessing I wouldn't want to repeat, mind you, but a blessing nonetheless )

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I was just pondering what is my purpose here. I have made mistakes and have learned from some but still learning from others. After this week I should seriously be dead and I ask why am I still here going through this process.

For me it is to somehow take all of my experiences whether good or bad and in turn help others. I believe that is my purpose. I am not sure if I am doing that but maybe that smile or kind word has helped another get through their day.
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I went to an alternative healer when I was a lot younger, I wasn't feeling right but didn't know what was specifically wrong.

One of the things I told her was, I can't figure out what my meaning in life is, what is it I'm supposed to be doing? She made me draw a card to get an answer and it said, "just be".
I said that's it?? Oh man that's so boring, I thought then, but I found out that -just being- is actually very difficult.

But there were a lot of cards in that deck...maybe the meaning of life is different for each of us?
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General: To be present to experience life exactly as it is. To be happy and of service to others.

Specific: Right now i do not know. Now that i'm clean i'm going to go back to college and i want to get into a field that involves helping people. Addiction counseling is a possibility. Meditation/dharma teacher perhaps. Psychologist, massage therapist, accupuncture, are all things i've considered. I trust that my purpose will solidify and reveal itself to me when i'm ready, if i stay clean and continue to grow spiritually.

Great thread topic. Thanks.
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Looking For Myself...Sober
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I am not sure as to what thee meaning of all life is.
I guess I could explore what my meaning of life is. I wont sit under a tree thinking about it like Buddha tho.
Right now, my personal meaning to life is not to survive. Thats what I did for 16 years in the street using drugs. I was surviving to get the next hit and just existing.
Now, I am trying to make the most out of the time I have left. Not trying to cram a bunch of things into a short period of time. But more like making every moment count.
Being mindful and enjoying whats around me in each moment. Taking life a second at a time.
I have noticed that when I stay mindful, and its hard at times, I keep a certain level of calm and peace in my head. When the kids are driving me crazy, I just remember that they are just that, kids. And what I wouldnt give to be one again. LOL
My life definately has alot of meanings and I find more everyday.
I do know what it isnt, and thats living liek a slave to a chemical that has dictated my life for years. Where my mind is taken over by this drug and obsessed every second for it.
Nice topic.
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I like Viktor Frankl's answer to this question : Life doesn't have meaning in itself, it's up to us to find our own personal meaning to it. Or rather, Life always has meaning, but we get to choose what that meaning is.

Some people might choose salvation, freedom, love, spirituality etc. Others find meaning in more tangible things, such as relationships or money... The choice doesn't have to be grand or "noble", there is no judgement. I know a lady who's life purpose it to take care of her cat - that's the reason she gets out of bed every morning. Some people find meaning in life via suffering. Point is, we're free to choose whatever gives meaning to our life, and strive for it.

Me? Among other things, I find meaning in giving.
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My lifes purpose?.

Can i share something with you.........

Today i went for a stroll with my wife and grandson......we have him for 2 weeks and he is 4 months hasnt been easy.......he doesnt sleep good so we were both a bit jaded..

We strolled around our village church was built in the 1400s.
very small......very beautiful...and ancient.
I sat on a bench while wife and grandson continued round in the buggy.

Sitting there amongst the blossom and sunshine....ohh it was beautiful.
its a while since ive been that warm and i felt a closeness to god which i sometimes feel.

Looking around these ancient graves stones i realize how lucky i was to survive......the rigours of alcoholism....and all that went with it.
What would have happened if i didnt.
Would my wife be visiting my grave?.........would the lad only have one grandad....

I believe god intervened.......i was causing to much pain to others.
He gave me a life raft in the shape of an AA meeting.....the rest is history.

So my purpose? live life........and to suck it up like my life depends on it.....
Thankyou father for lending me your power........and restoring live my life like you intended.
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YouTube - Jim Rohn INSPIRATIONAL Quotes w/music by U2

Link above.

This is one of those that is perfect with the topic. Has always drawn tears each time I watch/listen to it.

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I've always loved the book Illusions by Richard Bach.

He may be right, he may be wrong - but this sentence has stuck with me for 30 years

Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you're alive, it isn't.

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My purpose in life is being alive. To what ends dose that mean? I feel it means to be a fully active participant in the joys and sorrows of life. Too celebrate joy with others and comfort those that are in sorrow. To bond with the ultimate reality that we together are one in the same. To know that separation from this reality takes my purpose away.

It is what I aspire to I can not live a purposeful life in a vacuum such as addition was...apart from others, apart from myself...alone in a void.
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Enjoy it, help others enjoy it. Enjoy it, help others enjoy it. Enjoy it, help others enjoy it. Enjoy it, help others enjoy it. Enjoy it, help others enjoy it. :-) :-)
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Dang trucker, your post made me cry!

Awesome Thread!
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My life's purpose is discover what that is, my life's purpose I mean...

I know, smart @ss answer, but I mean it!! The discovery of the answer to that question may not come to me in an earthly fashion. But it may. And it's up to me to do the best I can in everything I do, especially what I do for others... family, friends, neighbors. And, there are days when I must strive for progress because perfection is out of the question. But even progress is impossible if I don't work my recovery.

God knows. Sometimes if I listen, I can get a hint, a clue, a sign.

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