Starting over..again

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Just another day...
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Starting over..again

Well Im back to day 2 today. Things have been so crazy that I let all that lead me astray with drinking. We moved over 600 miles away from everyone and everything that I know. We left the city. My husband loves to hunt so we had the chance to buy 126 acres and we did. Of course with that comes a very small town where everyone knows everyone.

Back in Jan. we had a going away party and of course I drank because it might not be summer till I see these friends one twisted my arm..i was scared about moving and what the future had in store so I said to hell with it. We moved shortly after that and now it is back to 2-3 nights a week. Hangovers have been like the worst ever. I tell myself no more, Im done and then one of the hubbys new friends stops by and I have had a stressful day with either my school or trying to find a dyslexic testing center for my son..which is proving to be very very hard out here and esp. one that is something we can afford and then I start missing the city, my old house with my deck and pool, the smells and sounds, so much and then I drink. Just this past saturday we drank by a bonfire at our house and I do not remember going to bed. The next day my husband was laughing saying something about how I said something and he said something back and I got mad and stormed off..remember? he says...course I just nod and say yup and change the subject really quick. I HATE that.

But Im not going to beat myself up, I am what I am and all I can do is thank my dad for giving me this alcoholic trait that he has and is still fighting quit again.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome back to SR......
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Welcome back!
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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Welcome Back. You just figured out another thing that doesn't work. So that is progress.

Are you working on a program of recovery?
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Welcome back! Glad you're starting over again.
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Welcome back Fiona
We are what we are for sure...but we can get better

Look forward to seeing you around,
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Welcome back Fiona and boy did you just bring memories flooding back to me. I always had those mornings where husband would talk about an argument we had and I always thought he is testing me to see if I remember. I never did remember. Glad to see you have returned.
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Welcome back. Don't beat yourself up. Glad you are back aboard.
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Welcome Back!
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Welcome back Fiona. Now you have to get back on track, Have you found any AA metting in your new area yet? Keep coming back to here and posting and stay strong. This site as been a lifeline for me!!
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