12 Weeks Sober Today---WooHoo!!!

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12 Weeks Sober Today---WooHoo!!!

Thanks to the support, the stories shared, the wisdom imparted, and the caring I have received from you all on this fantastic site, I am still sober and recovering from years of abuse mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually from alcohol. It's an incidious enemy that faked me into thinking it was my friend. Sneaky Bast*rd. I am so happy today that I am 12 weeks out from the last time I had a drink and let it work its "wonders" on me. I look forward to continuing on this path of healing, and hope that in my recovery I can help others along the way. Thank you.
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Congratulations Houndheart!! 12 weeks is to be celebrated! You certainly can give back around here and it will help others and yourself. You go!!
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you are an inspiration to me also....thanks for sharing!!! I hope you are enjoying the new life....(or the old enhanced without alcohol life)...
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Big congrats on making twelve weeks sober!!
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Awesome getting 12 weeks. Congrats!!
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Brilliant Houndheart... and thank you too for being an inspiration. All the
best for the road less travelled

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Congratulations Houndheart - you are a real inspiration!! I hope to reach the 12 week mark soon too please God :-).
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Thanks for sharing your progress with us.....
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That's fantastic Houndheart Great post, thanks
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Fantastic!! Great post!!

Peace and Love x
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HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way to go, you star.
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Congratulations HH

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Thanks to all for the recognition!!!

Originally Posted by AWOL View Post
Brilliant Houndheart... and thank you too for being an inspiration. All the best for the road less travelled
And AWOL...thanks for alluding to my favorite poet from my favorite place, New England:

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference". ~Robert Frost
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What an awesome achievement HH! 12 weeks - Congratulations!!

Your Dad and Dinkee, the chipmunk, would be proud - I don't know why I remember your post about that - it made me smile and has just kinda stuck with me.

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Well Humblebee,

You just made me smile...and brought some tears to my eyes also. Good tears though....
I miss my Dad and my Dinkee the chipmunk. And it felt really nice that you recall the story and that it made you smile. It kind of immortalizes deceased loved ones for me to tell the stories....especially knowing a story was heard and that it touched someone else. That's sweet that you brought this up. Thank you.
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can we go with 90 days? I've never seen a 12 week coin before
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I'm glad you're doing well and feeling good about yourself!
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Fandy, how are you doing? You are right behind me, right?
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Congratulations on your 12 weeks! Awesome!
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Wonderful news, Houndheart. I always enjoy your posts & benefit from your take on things. You're right, the thing we thought was our friend - to help us feel better and face the world - sure turned on us in the end. I'm so thankful we got wise, & am glad to be on this journey with you.
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