In 3 hrs I'll have four months!

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Smile In 3 hrs I'll have four months!

It might have been possible without SR but it sure would have been a lot lonelier. This is as close as I've been to my previous 'record' and it's encouraging to me. My goal is to reach and surpass my previous sober time... and keep on going a day at a time.

A big 'thank you' and big (((hugs))) to all here sharing this journey.
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Be very proud of yourself, Least!
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Thank you Least and congratulations!! You have totally earned every one of those days! Big hugs to you - Sarah
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RIP Sweet Suki
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What is your previous record?
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Love it!
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ODAAT.. Good Going Least!
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You've done the hard yards - congratulations S

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Congrats!! Good for you!!
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Thumbs up

Congratulations Least!
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First 3 months can be the toughest, congrats and more power to you and your continuing sobriety.
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Congrats, Least. You're doing so awesome!!!!!!!!
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Way to go least! It's been great hanging here with you this year. Keep it going!
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I love what Anna proud of yourself!
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CONGRATS Least .....Thanks for being part of SR !!!
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day one for me!! I am a binge drinker, can't stop at one. Need to stop all together, I have been making deals with myself for 10 years. being sober won't work unless i totally stop drinking.
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Way to go, Least ! Way to go! You really are an inspiration. Thank you!


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Least, I know there were many times you didn't feel like holding on, but you dug in and stayed the course. You've had alot of challenges recently & made it through them all without caving. Glad to be on this journey with you!

(Welcome to you asoberlife - wonderful to have you join us. Tell us more!)
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Way To Go.....
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