In 3 hrs I'll have four months!

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Great job, Least. Congrats on 4 months!
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Congratulations Least! That's a long, strong ride. Keep going, your dogs must
be real proud and happy!
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Well done going to keep reminding you that you have a wealth of resources out there as well as SR and you can take advantage of them, if necessary, at anytime:-)

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Wow, least. Congratulations are your great accomplishment!
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That's awesome least, you really can be proud of your progress! Congrats on 4 months, may there be many more to come! A happy, sober day to you
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SO very, very happy and proud of you!!

Love, hugs and prayers!

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I'm proud of you too, Least, but I knew you could do it.

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Congratulations, S
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Way to go sweetness!:ghug3
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Least, you rock!!!! Congratulations, awesome job. Thank you for giving so much to everyone on SR.

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YAY LEAST!!! Very cool!!! You inspire me!
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It's official - 4 months! Congratulations!
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grats on 120 days of sobriety
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Nice one!!! Well done on 4months sober!!

peace and Love x
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Great Job you have been an inspiration..
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great job my friend. i know you've had your battles but it looks good for you. it truly gets better every day. i'm very happy for you.
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Oh, Least, so happy for you. You are such an inspiration!

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Very Nice!! I am truly happy for you and I know this does wonders for your confidence. What are you doing differently, now, that you have success?

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