Wants to Thank everyone

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Wants to Thank everyone

My name is Erin, I'm 26 years old. I'm 40 days sober. Last night was so hard for me because I got together with some old college friends. It was fun except they drank beer. That was the first time since I have gotten sober that I have been around alcohol. WOW! It was so hard. I kept looking at the bottles and the smell got me craving it. But I didn't drink I got a Coke instead. I went to an AA meeting right after and also talked to my sponsor. That helped a lot! When I got home I came here and that helped a lot too. I went into the chat room and told everyone my situation and they were all really supportive. Just what I need right now. I'm getting it in AA, my sponsor, and here!!! Thank you!!!!! I owe you guys!!

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Erin,, I had a similar situation lastvnight, went to a dinner party and there was champagne, expensive wine and imported beer. I was not the only one not drinking, but as I sat at the table watching glasses being refilled, I had thoughts of how one glass would be OK, just one to tast that great wine, have a sip of the Italian champagne. I let that thought flit through, observed it, and thought of all the posts I've read here and the realization i came to that one is never enough. I played the night through in my head as to what would happen after the first glass, and I knew all too well that I'd be anxious and fretting about getting a refill, and after that, how could I get one more without anyone noticing, and how long before we could go home. Then I'd just have to stay up a few minutes until my H ws asleep and I could drink more, until I stumbled to bed.
It's a lot easier to not have the first drink.
Thanks for sharing your success with us. Happy Easter!
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Thanks Nellie for your reply. The thought of the first drink was good at first but I knew there would be a "need" for more. I couldn't put myself through that again. Plus, the guilt would be just as bad then the actual drink. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. Happy Easter!
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Hey Erin, _Good_ for you!! damn Proud of you!! I am 50, twice your age and you're learning something that took me twice as long to learn... That's the damn, sneaky, insidious side of alcohol to people like us. ALL it takes is that _first_ drink to impair our better judgement, enough to just keep on going like a freight train out of control; then once you do that, you wake up the next morning feeling like crap and full of self loathing, and that alone is enough reason for your animal brain to say what they hell, I'll just have one drink today again to feel abit better. Then before you know it, 6 months later, it dawns on you that you're exactly back where you were, drinking until you pass out most/every day. Don't let all of your past hard work fall down all around you by Ever picking up that first drink! EVER!
Hang in there and again, Congratulations, Damn proud of you, you inspire everyone here!
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Congrats on your forty days sober! And big hugs on getting past the temptation to drink!
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great thread you guys!

Happy Easter to you all
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Good for you, Erin!
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