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Hey Erin, _Good_ for you!! damn Proud of you!! I am 50, twice your age and you're learning something that took me twice as long to learn... That's the damn, sneaky, insidious side of alcohol to people like us. ALL it takes is that _first_ drink to impair our better judgement, enough to just keep on going like a freight train out of control; then once you do that, you wake up the next morning feeling like crap and full of self loathing, and that alone is enough reason for your animal brain to say what they hell, I'll just have one drink today again to feel abit better. Then before you know it, 6 months later, it dawns on you that you're exactly back where you were, drinking until you pass out most/every day. Don't let all of your past hard work fall down all around you by Ever picking up that first drink! EVER!
Hang in there and again, Congratulations, Damn proud of you, you inspire everyone here!
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