Newbie here

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Newbie here

Hey everyone,
My name is Chris and I'm a 25 yr old with a 7 year old opiate problem/addiction. I've been clean for about 3 days and oddly I've never felt this great! Usually the first day without opiates is HELL, but this time for some reason I've had no withdrawals at all. I started taking benadryl to sleep and it works wonders, I seriously couldn't do this without it! I know it may not work for everyone the same way it works for me, but I'm glad it's been working =].
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Hi Chris and Welcome!

I'm glad you're doing well!
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Hi Chris.

I'm new myself.

Been drinking nearly every day for 24 years, and just stopped 6 days ago.

I am feeling strong.
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Welcome, Chris!

If it's working, that's a gift! If it were me, I'd have to be careful it didn't lure me into a false sense of security - we all know how the progression thing goes...congrats on making the decision to take your life back!

Take care ~
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Hi Chris

Welcome to SR - I'm glad things haven't been too bad so far
Be careful with the Benadryl tho - I know some folks here have developed problems with it using it for sleep

We have a substance abuse forum too - you might like to check it out.

Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

Good to have you with us
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((Chris)) - welcome to SR! You may also want to check out the forum for substance abuse.

((John)) - welcome to you, too!! We also have a forum for alcoholism.

As a matter of fact, we have quite a few forums. I seem to "fit" a few, and have always gotten great support, no matter where I go.

Hugs and prayers!

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I'm new too

Hi I'm new as well. I drank heavily for about a year. I knew my life wasn't going to get any better if I continued to drink. Now I have been a month sober and am finally starting to stand up for myself. It's a hard road but I'm learning how to cope and make decisions on my own. Thank you!
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Welcome to our new members; Chris, John, and Erin. Do check out the rest of the site. Lots of forums here for lots of interests. I hope SR can be as much help for you as it's been for me.

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Welcome to you too Erin, and you as well JB

It's good to have you all guys on board
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To all newer members, welcome home and please keep coming back. Someday you will help the newcomer. If you keep hearing things like that, then you are in good company. I dont like to give advise, I nerver wanted to hear any when i got here. Suggestions i believe, are best taken and heard when asked for. What continues to help me is to find the courage to ask others who have the peace and serenity i yearn for; how they got it. Thats when i find the answers i need. No matter what, this process can work for anyone seeking revovery. Thankyou all members before me, who show us the way.
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