Recovery Newsflash...Please Read!

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Thumbs up Recovery Newsflash...Please Read!

It's celebration time for Dee...he shared this

Good Friday 2007 is my sobriety date
Thanks for your dedication to SR and for being
a shineing example of recovery!

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RIP Sweet Suki
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Thanks for all you do at SR, and for being such a good friend!!

Love, hugs and prayers!

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You are an inspiration to me every single day!
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Woot! Proud of you, Dee.

It's my sobriety date (albeit 3 years later), too.
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Dee! Congrats! I'm so happy for you! You rock!

And thank you for all the support and love you put into SR. You always have just the right words and the right way to explain something. I'm so glad you're here!

You are a very dear friend to me!

Much love,

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Yay dee!!!
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Happy third sober birthday!! :day1 I learn a lot from you, whether I want to or not, and really appreciate your sharing of your life and your journey of recovery. You help more than you know.
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Dee you are fantastic - I have fallen off the wagon again before chrissy, and realllly wanted to come back on to SR and I was so hoping you were still here. I am glad you are. you are an inspiration....
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Dee, you are such a positive force on these boards. I truly appreciate what you do for us. A HUGE congratulations!
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Dee - you are always supportive and insightful. Thanks for all you do for SR.

Congrats on year 3.
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Wouldn't be the same here without you. Congrats!
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Congratulations To Our...

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Thank you Carol

and thanks to all of you guys - because Easter moves around, the actual calendar date isn't til next week, but Good Friday is always *my* day

It's means so much to share it with people who mean a lot to me - and it's especially fanatastic to see some old friends back on SR in this thread.

I'm so happy to have the chance to give something back, whatever that might be

thanks guys~!

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Thumbs up Congrats!


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Peace & Love,
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