First day.

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First day.

Hi there, today is my first day of not drinking after a very long time where it's become a daily habit. I'm just coming off a four day horrendous series of "just one more" that lasted all day and night. Basically, I'm hoping that I can catch myself before I permanently destroy everything. I hope I've made it. I'm posting here as a form of reinforcement of my commitment. It's not next week this time, it is right now.

Thanks for everyone's messages, it's really good to know I'm not the only one.

I am super paranoid about sleeping.... Scary.
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We Do Recover
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Welcome to SR! Glad you are here. This is a great place for support. Today sounds like a great place to start.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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If you can't sleep....and I could not during my initial de toxing
please do try to relax with a warm shower/bath and
pleasant calming music. Just rest as best you can.

Here is a link that might help

Insomnia? 42 Simple Tips to Help You Get to Sleep - Insomnia treatment, cures

Did you check with your doctor about how best to quit?
That's always a wise idea.

Wishing you the best a sober life offers...
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Hi fourohone

Welcome to SR

I've spent many a sleepless night coming off a binge...

regardless of whether you manage to sleep or not...try to rest...
you've stopped drinking today and you've come here...and you've made a commitment for the future - they're all good things, and a great start

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Fourohone - Lots of support here!

Hi and welcome,

I am just beginning my 5th day of sobriety. I finally slept last night for the 1st time! yay! So, l can promise you one thing... it WILL get better.

My advice, keep on SR, read all you can, others posts help me so much in knowing that I am not alone. SR will give you the strength to get through today, and then tomorrow and then the day after.

Wishing you all the strength you need. You will overcome, don't lose faith.:ghug3:

Life is....

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Hi Fourohone, Much like LifeIs I have just awoken to my 5th day of being sober, and similarly I actually managed to get some sleep last night! If you can get past the initial first 3 days it does seem to get ever so slightly easier. The withdrawal symptoms start to fade and I am now feeling a lot better about myself. Iwish I had done this many years ago but could or would not admit to my addiction. As you are here you have taken a very positive first step by admitting to your problem. There is some great support and advice on offer here that has really helped me through. Keep posting, reading and talking. It really does help!!!

Congratulations on choosing a sober life!
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I'm into day four and last nights sleep was infinitely better than the night before and hopefully tonights will get even better. I look forward also to going to sleep without the TV blaring. Keep at it.
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bona fido dog-lover
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Welcome to SR! Congrats on deciding to stop drinking today. I've been living sober for over one hundred days now and it's so much better in so many ways.
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Welcome to SR, fourohone,

You are not alone with the just one mores and I'll stop next week promises to yourself. I did the very same thing many, many times, only to find that next week always turned into now - it just wasn't then, but later. I do suggest you consult with your doc, especially if you've been on any meds.

Congrats on taking your life back and making it yours again and coming here for support. It will take time and patience to let your body readjust to the absence of alcohol - but you will begin to feel better.

As for sleep, I should've been more concerned about sleeping when drinking since alcohol depresses the heart rate and breathing to dangerous levels so you're actually in a better place physically with sleep now. You may toss and turn, but rest is important so be gentle with yourself.

What worked for me is:
  • Rest, rest, rest
  • Stay hydrated with water (no sugar/caffeine obviously),
  • Stick with foods that you can pronounce and spell (ie, no heavy processed foods with things like calcium disodium edta - huh?)
  • Changing the bed sheets helped take away some of the 'ick' so try that and then rest, rest, rest some more
  • Remember how lousy this feels when you do begin feeling better (it'll take nothing to get right back here)
You will feel better. Just give it time and keep reading and sharing. You're in such a better place from where you've been. Be well, 401.
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Welcome to SR! I vividly remember Day 1 after daily drinking for 10 straight years and weekly binge drinking for nearly 20 years before that. It didn't take more than a few days for regular sleep patterns to return. Just hang in there, it DOES get better
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Wombling Free
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Welcome have made a wise decision, I am only 3 days sober myself after a 4 day relapse, coming on here and attending aa meetings is helping me a lot.

Stick with it...the journey into sobriety is well worth the effort.

All you have to lose is your M I S E R Y
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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Welcome! Yes, today is the only day that matters.

I view my sobriety as putting together a lot of "todays".

Recovery is hard work and you can't do it alone. Keep reading and learn about the ways that different people have recovered. I use a combination of SR + AA + helping other alcoholics. You will find what works for you, but the key is to just don't drink today.

Tomorrow will then take care of itself.

Glad you are here.
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Welcome to SR. Glad you found us. The sleeping for everyone is very hard at first especially for someone like me who is a natural insomniac. I was long before I even started drinking. It does get better and easier. The first 72 hours are the worst physically and everyday without a drink only gets better. I'm on day 40 myself and do feel much better each day.

Good luck with your recovery!
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There is always inspiration here, so keep reading and posting.

I think sleeping problems are to be expected to some degree, but hopefully not for long.
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Thanks everyone for your replies. Day two and I'm already feeling up a notch.

Sleep is a big issue of mine, and always has been. But then it's hard to separate it out from the drinking. It's great to hear from those who say it's tough for a while, but you adjust. Can't wait until I can actually just have a normal night again.

On the other hand, maybe I'll get a lot of reading in while I have the hours to spare at night.

Thanks again.
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