Well day 2 ,,AGAIN....

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day 5 ....feeling much better and

attended an AA meeting last night ,,, (although I drove past the site 3 times before I stopped) , kinda nervous because I live in a small town and had been to this meeting last year when I tried to quit, but I finally pulled in and it went well, after I realized we are all in the same boat, so to speak.
Now comes the real test for me as I am off the next 2 days, and thats usually my REALLY binge drinking time, so I have made plans to play golf tomorrow and my son has a baseball game on Saturday,and catch a meeting tonite so with God's help hopefully if I make it thru the next few days.
I only hope that I will continue to remember how I felt on Monday and Tuesday, I dont think I have ever felt so out of control WHILE SOBER,,,pretty scary for me

Hope everyone else is well and Thanks for the supportive comments and suggestions,,

God Bless
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SW - The day my son graduated from HS, I got drunk at his party. Didn't make a total ass of myself, but was definitely on the brink. That was nearly 3 years ago, and I still feel shame about that to this day. Don't do what I did. Quit while you're ahead.
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Thanks Humble....

God knows how many other times I have done things, that I regret even today.
Starting on Day 6 now actually slept a little last nite and for the first nite did not have the night sweats, was off last night and thats usually my drinking time at home watching the ball games , but I went to a meeting and then came home and watched them sober and today when all the guys on the golf course are talking about the "exciting game" last night, I can actually make a comment because I REMEMBER the game
Just giving God the glory that Ive made it this far usually by the 3rd or 4th day when I start to "feel better" I would reward my self and drink a FEW,,hahaha
Its amazing to wake up at 7am on my day off feeling quite well compared to riding my bike to and waiting at the store at 6am until they could sell liquor drunk out of my mind,,,,whew was crazyness, praying I never go back down that road again

Hope everyone has a great day, heres a well wish and prayer for all those that are just starting out on day 1 or 2 as I was just a few days ago, Im telling you it will get better.(though at the time I wondered too)

God Bless and hope everyone has a great day
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I'm glad you're doing well!
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