Getting Back in the Game

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Getting Back in the Game

So I gave AA a try 4 years ago. I had sent myself through detox and outpatient rehab/counseling for alcohol addiction, and of course began to attend AA meetings. But I let the first guy who talked to me become my sponsor, and it wasn't really an enjoyable experience. Where my head was at was not at all compatible with his approach and where he was coming from. So I did a good job for 5 weeks, started to drink again, and that 5-week stretch still stands as my longest time without alcohol since I was 16 (12 years).

Until last night. Unfortunately, a very stupid alcohol-induced mistake led me to spend 9 hours in a jail cell last night/this morning. And you know what I did on the way home from jail? Bought 2 24-oz beers. And as I lay on my couch upon returning home (much more comfortable than the cold metal benches and concrete floor), I thought about slamming those beers and going to sleep, since I'd been up all night. But things were a bit tense at home as the lady of the house was obviously and understandably none too pleased with yours truly. So I thought I'd just take the beers, drive somewhere, drink them and return home.

Upon reflection, I thought to myself, "What are you thinking? That's the type of thinking that led you to end up where you did last night!" So instead of drinking the beers, I looked online for a meeting. Couldn't remember the name of the place I had gone those 4 summers ago, so I went with a nearby meeting that seemed like it would be pretty cool. And I enjoyed it.

And wouldn't you know it? A couple folks I met at that meeting happened to be going to another the same place I had been trying to remember only hours before. So I tagged along.

All in all, 4 meetings today, 24+ hours with no alcohol, and I'm ready for the next 24.
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Wow...what a day you've had. No doubt emotionally tiring, but also exhilarating a bit as well to get started with sobriety. Know you are doing the right thing for yourself. Keep putting one foot in front of the other...I hope that you are finding support at those meetings, and the motivation to keep going.

Wishing you peace...
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Hi Snarf

Welcome to SR.

I'm so glad you decided to take the other road...I've never regretted the day I first did that.

Hope to see you around
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Thanks guys. It's something that has desperately needed to be done for a long, long time. I see how upset the people around me get because of my actions. My fiancee is at the end of her rope, I have missed birthdays and family events because I just want that drink too much, I've blown off assignments at school...But that all ends now(or yesterday). I want to have a real life, and that bottle has kept me from it. I won't allow that to happen any longer.
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All in all, 4 meetings today, 24+ hours with no alcohol, and I'm ready for the next 24.
That's a good start to a better, healthier, and more enjoyable life. Welcome to SR! :ghug3
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Hi Snarf: Welcome back to SR and congratulations on your commitment to sobriety. You'll find so many people on here who are like you and will have a lot of understanding and support on your journey. We can do this together.
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