Another attempt at sobriety

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Another attempt at sobriety

I have been on here before, and have many failed attempts to get sober. This time I have finally came clean to my husband about how much I was drinking, and went to my Dr and told him everything. He is going to monitor my withdrawal and gave me some meds to help me get thru it. My husband is going to be supportive and doenst want any alchohol in the house. I told him if he wants to drink he can, but I cant do it anymore. He said he doesnt need to drink, and if I start again we would do whatever it takes to get me clean, even if it means rehab. I told him to give me a chance to try again, I dont want to go to rehab and leave my kids, but if I cant do it on my own I will do it to save my life.
I know that I can get alot of support here, so I am going to try and keep coming back.
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congrats on making the decision, that is the first step, you are doing this for yourself and your have wonderful support from your husband and your doctor will keep you safe.

ODAAT....(it took me a month to learn what that meant...)
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You'll find lots of support here!
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I hope you can reframe your thinking to consider previous attempts to get sober as learning experiences rather than failures. Most people I know have multiples slips and slides along the way, and I think that those who are most successful were those who were able to learn from them. Telling your husband and your doctor marked significant steps: You've put into place some supports and some ways to hold yourself accountable.
Rehab was a good experience for me, although I had no spouse or children to leave behind. I needed to get out of my environment and to be "confined" for a little while. I learned a lot about alcoholism---MY alcoholism, to be exact-- and I was introduced to AA--where I had vowed I would never go! It proved to be just the think to help me learn to live sober. And I have lived sober for a very long time. My best to you, and I hope you will stick around here, too. I think that on-line support is a wonderful thing.
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Igottobe - that's wonderful news, I'm proud of you! Your attitude is great. As they say, we're only as sick as our secrets - and once I came clean to all the people in my life & my doctor, I felt such a burden lifted off me! Also, sharing here helped me heal.

You can do this - we will help - please keep posting and let us know how it's going.
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Great Job Igottobesober!!! I think it was a major step that you revealed it to your doctor and your husband. Your husband seems to be very supportive of your recovery and that is very important. While you are detoxing, stay on this forum. When I was detoxing in my apt., I just had all these emotions and my mind was all over the place. I was alone and just a mess, however, I found this website and I was literally posting on here all day long. It made me feel a lot better. Use this forum to your advantage and read the posts and stories on here. There is also a chat on here so use that to get instant feedback. Again, great job!
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It's going to be helpful to you having your husband be supportive and not having any alcohol in the house. Ever give any thought to a Women's AA meeting??
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Welcome back igottobesober

I'm glad you've made some changes - keep checking in
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Hi and welcome back!

It's great you've come clean with your husband and he's supporting you.
Well done!
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Thanks for the support, I made it through my first sober St pattys day. I feel good about staying sober this time, but one day at a time is the only way I can do it. I will keep coming back here for support and hopefully give support to others.
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Back behind bars.
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St Patty's Day marked the end of a week-long binge for me. Like you, igottobesober, I've been coming here for a couple years now with very limited success, and many failures. And here I am, almost 4:30am on the east coast, posting on SR while dealing with some pretty strong anxiety that is making it difficult for me to lay down in a quiet dark room and be alone with my thoughts.

But Today I am NOT going to drink, one day at a time.
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Great work! And welcome back: you made two really important steps towards lasting sobriety.
Finally telling my husband was crucial to my recovery: I felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders and that I was no longer so alone.
I then made an appointment with my doctor and told all. My doctor referred me to an outpatient treatment program and I eventually found my way to AA.
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igottobesober you have made one of the most important moves in staying sober.... being honest!!!

Now you need to stay honest to stay sober & you also need to be WILLING!!! Willing to do what ever it takes to STAY sober.

Are you HONESTLY Willing to do what ever it takes to STAY sober?

Okay here is a suggestion, right now get online & get a schedule of AA meetings in your area & bookmark it.

Now you must stay honest with your self & be willing if you find SR alone is not enough to stay sober to be WILLING to go to an AA meeting rather then driving out to get something to drink.

WHat do you have to lose by going to an AA meeting? A drinking problem?

What do you have to gain? A whole new happy & sober way of life full of sober friends.

HOW to stay sober:

Open minded

AA has worked for millions who are WILLING to work it, the rich & famous as well as the homeless & every one inbetween. There are AA meetings daily up on Capitol Hill full of elected federal people & thier aides which proves the "Anonymous" part of Alcoholics Anonymous.
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Hey igottobe, if you do NEED to go to rehab AND your husband is going to support you............Girl, you are LUCKY!!!! Don't be afraid, rehab is a great thing and it's the best thing I ever did for myself.

We're here for you all the way!!
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