Impurrfect has 3 years clean today!!!

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Impurrfect has 3 years clean today!!!

Congratulations girl!!! 3 years is awesome in and of itself, but pair that with big life situations happening to you this year and how you dealt with it and didn't numb out. Just amazing and very inspiring. Had to congratulate you today!! Hope you do something very special today. Hugs - Sarah
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Three years if fantastic!!

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Wow, lots of birthdays in March, well done!
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3 years, that is awesome!!!

Tell us how you did it!
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Congratulations, Amy!
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My very dear friend! I am so happy for you! You've risen to the challenges in your life with grace and dignity! You've helped others, worked hard on rebuilding your life and continue to grow in recovery! You are a ray of light for me! Congratulations! Onward and upward, my friend!

Much love,

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Amy, Congratulations, that's super!
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Congratulations, Amy!!.. three years!!

I want to echo Sarah and add it would be a miracle for most people with all that you had on your plate besides addiction..wait a minute, you are a miracle! Yes, our amazing Amy....and someone who inspires me on a daily you

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Congratulations on 3 years. What an awesome accomplishment!

I always find inspiration and gratitude in your posts. Thank you!
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What an inspiration for us newbies! It can be done.

Thank you,

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Fantastic Congrats on 3 Years :bounce :bounce
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This is so wonderful, Amy. I always enjoy your helpful & inspiring posts. Very happy for you!!
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Yay!!! You rock sister!!
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Thank you ((Sarah)) and everyone else.

For the newcomers who don't know my story, I'll try to make this short. I was a nurse, got in the habit of abusing opiates and got in trouble. I stopped those, never had withdrawals or any problem stopping, went to AA, got a sponsor, etc. Unfortunately, I met a guy there, did NOT listen to my sponsor, and got all wrapped up in him (I'm a codie, too).

He introduced me to crack. Two days later, I did something to cause me to run from the law for the first time in my life. Within 2 months, I was walking the streets, jumping into strange cars, had gotten another ABF with a 20+ year history of smoking crack.

I did this until I got locked up for violating probation (never went - too busy smoking) and stayed clean for the better part of a year after that, but I JUST stayed clean. I didn't change anything about me.

I relapsed for about 2 weeks...long enough to do a good amount of damage. After that, I said "enough".

I've been in 2 robberies, dealt with family deaths, my XABF's death, addiction of my stepmom who lives in the same house, loss of my job and a few other things in the last year and few months. I don't use. No matter what.

Today, I thank HP for giving me another chance. I spend a lot of time on SR, as well as e-mailing friends I have met here. I reconnected with family/friends who are extremely supportive. I began working on my codie issues. I've been chipping away at legal/financial/career consequences as I can. I try to give my 16-year-old niece someone to look up to. I still use what I learned in AA, but I've also picked up things that work, for me, along the may be from a song, a billboard, just something someone said. When I struggle, I talk to a recovering friend, then I play the tape through to the end.

SR has been a HUGE part of my recovery, and I thank everyone for being here.

Hugs and prayers!

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Well done on 3 years clean!!

Thanks for sharing your story too.
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Amy...glad I made it to the party.
Today I am grateful for you...Your contributions here are inspiring, wise, and motivational.
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Wow, that's quite a story. Congratulations on such a big accomplishment!!
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congratulations ame!
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Congrats on 3 Big Years Amy!!!
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Very inspiring. Congrats
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