Need your support

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Need your support

Dear all

I am celebrating my 14th day of sobriety today, and although I feel ok today I am scared that I will not make it, have tried so many times before and failed. This time I really want to succeed though. Have been drinking in hiding and excessively socially for over 15 years now and just cant do it any more. Since I have been hiding it I donīt want to tell my family and friends at home, they would be shocked and I would prefer to not include them in this. In addition I work as an aid worker in some of the worlds worst places and there is no access to AA other then through the internet.

Alcohol is the way most of my friends deal with the tragedy we see everyday and the bombings and the insecurity and there is no escaping that unless I want to become a hermit alone in my house, which is filled with my house-mates alcohol anyway so there is no escaping it other then to stay strong.

But I could really use some friends here online to share with and to talk to. So if anyone is there, then good luck to you and let me know how you cope.

My regards, Limbo
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Hey Limbo. Welcome to SR. I remember being so fearful that I couldn't do it. That I didn't have it in me. No way could I make it. It's been a while since I've had my last drink, and today, I'm not wrapped up in fear anymore. I have serenity today. I don't have a fear of money, people, places or situations. I can hold my head high. I was able to do that through the 12 steps of recovery in AA. AA is not the only way to recover, but it is the only way that I was able to recover. You are among friends. Keep coming back.
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Hello Limbo, welcome to SR! You will find a lot of support here. As you keep reading other's posts here, you will see people in similar situations who are able to succeed in their struggle to remain sober. AA is great, but if you don't have access, posting and reading on SR is a great alternative.

Like you, many of us have repeatedly tried, failed and tried again. Read Dee's post here as a great recent example:
You say you are looking for friends to share your experinces and to talk to? You've found them here. You can win this!

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hey Limbo welcome to SR,

all I know is that you can make it day at a time
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Welcome to SR.

I think you would be surprised where AA can be found. I know anywhere that has a lot of US troops has regular AA meetings. Google for it or ask at churches, mosques or synagogues. Other current "hot spots" such as Haiti and Chile both have AA meetings.

And keep coming back here for support. We are on 6 continents (If we have anybody in Antarctica please let us know!) so you can usually find someone here.

Good luck.
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Welcome to SR Limbo
You'll find a lot of friends here

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((Limbo)) - Welcome to SR!!

Hugs and prayers!

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Hi Limbo,


SR is my lifeline and has been for a long time.
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Hello all

A warm thanks for your welcome, I have been reading the posts here and this site is wonderful and it is great to see people helping and supporting each other. I will be here every day until I feel strong enough to not just be in recovery but to live in sobriety.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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for doing a job most can not or will not do.

Welcome to our recovery community...
You will find lots of us here who are winning over alcohol.
Not everyone is useing a structured program and they are
happily successfully sober.

This can be true for you as well...
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