I'm new here - hello

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I'm new here - hello

Just introducing myself as i've just registered. I've been drinking alot for over 2 years now and it's very hard to stop. I've just admitted it to myself that this is a problem and i want to change. i'm not sure if I'm an alcoholic but I do abuse alcohol (and my husband when I'm drunk). I did an online quiz today to see where I stood on alcoholism and got 13 "yeses" out of 20 possibles!!!

Anyway, I need more information and support so here I am.
I hope to learn more and see what has helped other people deal with abusing substances/addiction.
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Welcome! Glad you are here. This is a great place for support.
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Welcome Green Trees - always good to see another Aussie
You'll find a lot of help and support here

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Hi GreenTrees - welcome. I lurked online here for about a month or so before posting. I think the tipping point for me was when I was reading post after post that I could've written myself. Even in the wondering if I was or wasn't a "text book" alcoholic, if you will. Which, there probably isn't one...but if this phrase applies to you, you might want to look closer at it:

One drink is one too many, and 10,000 never enough.
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I am only on day six but i am also an aussie female.

I am glad i am not the only one.
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Welcome to SR......

Glad you are here
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Welcome to SR Green Trees
Realizing that you have a drinking problem is a good start.
When I finally realized that my drinking was a big problem I gave it up with the support that I got from the people here at this forum.
The only other tool I use is the CBA ( cost benefit analysis) of SMART recovery but a lot of people also use some face to face support.
Good luck to you.
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Welcome to SR! I hope we can give you the support and information you need in your recovery.
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Hi and Welcome,

I am glad you're seeking support.
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Welcome GreenTrees, I just joined a few days ago and this is truly a wonderful online community that will give a tremendous support!
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Originally Posted by GreenTrees View Post
I hope to learn more and see what has helped other people deal with abusing substances/addiction.
After trying to stop drinking with the help of doctors, anti-depressants, counselors, outpatient treatment, inpatient rehab, and AA with no Step work, and failing miserably each time, I recovered by having a spiritual awakening as the result of AA's 12 Steps.

Life has never been the same since I admitted complete defeat and took the action suggested in AA's Big Book.
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Thanks for the welcome everyone. See you around the forum!
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Look forward to seeing you around...

Take care,
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..take care,welcome and thanx 4 postin'..

...isn't nice to reach the World with such an important decision..

..glad you've joined this site..ozy..
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