One Week!!!

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One Week!!!

I know it is only a week - but a week sober for me is amazing - while I didn't quite drink every day (maybe 5/6 nights a week towards the end - 2/3 nights in the beggining) I have not been a week sober since I was 19 (10 years - wow). Anyway I am happy with that and wanted to thasnk everyone here because I don't think I could have done it without your support.

I know I am making progress because yesterday I had a awful day at work - LOOOOONNNGGG story anyway - I was in a foul mood and normally would go home and drink and sit in a chair until the warm feeling came over me. Yesterday, as much as I wanted to do that I forced myself to put on my bathers and bordies and go down the beach - funny I live 2 mins from the beach and it is the first time I have been there in a year. My partner and I walked along the beach, watched the sun go down and I did some meditation - I felt sooo much better - I guess it just finding ways to deal with stress without drinking (exercise can't hurt either!). After the beach I came home, showered, called my grandmother, made dinner and studied for a couple of hours before going to bed at 11 - I had no idea so much could be done in 1 evening!! Sobriety is a blessing I never knew I could have!
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We Do Recover
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I remember when one week seemed like an eternity--back when I was newly sober. Congratulations! Awesome job! We do recover!
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Congrats on your week!! I hope you continue to find each day a joy in recovery.
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Posts: 4,467 week IS progress! Congratulations!
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Wel; done....
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Good job!


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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Well done! Now go for two weeks.
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Congrats Drama.
I found the first couple pf weeks the hardest and after that the desire to drink went way down and are almost non existant now so you are well on your way.
Keep at it and enjoy the sense of accomplishment you are feeling. You earned it.
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not little, a stranger no more
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Well done!
I remember some of the first week because I journaled through a lot of my early recovery. When I decided to quit one week was a huge amount of time. Congratulations on your first of hopefully many more weeks of sobriety!

PS:Also, I'm a little bit jealous of the beach thing ;P
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Congratulations on 1 week!! Sounds like you had a wonderful evening.....we know the old story when we use to give into the drink!! My evenings were a blur!!! Now we can make wonderful memories.......remembering is the best part for me!!

Those one days at a time will add up to happy, joyous and free!!

Day 54 for me!!!

Keep on keeping on!!
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Fighting my Demons
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Congrats on one week Yes, I agree, it is amazing how much you can get done when you take the charge!
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We have the same sobriety date.... let's keep it that way
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Thanks everyone!!

I haven't been on here the past couple of days because work has been terrible - long story short a colleage who can't do her job and was about to be fired has decided it is because she has been treated unfairly - she had only just started and is being paid BIG BIG $ anyway in the few months she has been here she has pronmised lots of people lots of things - long story short she now can't handle the pressure gone on "stress leave" and all of her work is now mine (on top of my own) - to make matters worse my manager is now being investigated for bullying - which is totally unfair anyway I have been in a very very bad mood the last couple of days mainly due to the unfairness of it all and I am worried about my manager - she has been totally supportive of this person and now is being hung out to dry because they can't deliver.

Oh by the way - I did not drink - I downloaded some relaxation self-hypnosis thingy and laid down!
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sorry abut the work situation but glad to see you're still around DramaP

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..just another aussie gold medal..
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You darn right a week is amazing! Good for you.

"I forced myself to put on my bathers and bordies and go down the beach.."
HaHa, I'm guessing in the USA we would call these "Shorts and Flip-Flops (Sandals)"? Or am I way off base?

Earlier today someone from the UK said "Tip the booze away", like we would say "Put the bottle down" I think.

I love our planet..
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Drama, a week is fantastic. Remember that pennies add up to a dollar. Same with days.
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so good to hear... and it is not "only" a week!! it is one lifesaving, soulsaving week!! congratulations!!!

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