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Hi Everyone, I'm newly sober - 50 DAYS and happy to be sober, but I'm scared I'm going to start drinking again. Hope you'll be able to help me!
Thanks so much for being here.
All the best,
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Hi Snowdrops
Welcome to SR

You'll find a lot of support here
What are you doing at the moment - any recovery programs, outpatient rehab or counselling, stuff like that?

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Welcome to SR! What makes you think you're going to start drinking again? Areyou going thru some sort of crisis? Whatever it is, it can be gotten thru sober. And remember this, there is nothing so bad that alcohol can't make it worse. So true. I've never woken up in the morning wishing I had drank the night before.

Stay strong and sober one day at a time. You WILL get thru this and be stronger for it. (((hugs)))
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I have worked in rehab for many years and I didn't have a drinking problem but my life started spinning out of control and I started using drink to cope. I can see it was a major problem. I have a lot of personal support from my family so that's good. And now, I have all of you. So thanks again!
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Hi Snowdrops,

Welcome and good for you for choosing to live a sober life.

You'll find lots of support here.
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Smile HI snowdrops..

50 days is great..don't worry..

..we'll help ya on movin' forward..keep postin'...tnx...Oz
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Welcome Snowdrops. Congratulations on your sober time. Its great you have family support and now you have cyber family support too. Can't beat that!
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You might find better copeing skills if you committed
yourself to follwoing the AA program.
By doing that....I've not returned to drinking
and I have come thru many upsetting situations.

Glad you are here with us...
Congratulations on your sober time
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Hello and welcome! I'm on day 50, too!

Some great advice and support here. Stick around and make yourself at home. I now don't miss drinking a bit. Nor the horrendous hangovers. It'll only get better for both of us!

Best wishes,

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Welcome to the family, Snowdrops! As you feel stronger & continue to heal you hopefully won't have the desire to go back to the bad old days of drinking. Good that you're aware you might have temptations, though. Reading here helped me get past the uncomfortable early months of recovery - there are so many wonderful people here.

I'm glad you found us - keep talking!
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Welcome snowdrops!! 50 days is already great - keep going - I can't wait to be able to say it has been 50 days for me!! al the best!
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We Do Recover
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Welcome Snowdrops! This is a great place for support. Congrats on 50 days! Keep moving forward. We do recover.
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but I'm scared I'm going to start drinking again
In all honestly, I think it's healthy to have a fear of drinking again. I know all the times that I tried to quit drinking for good and was all confident, saying that I'll never, ever drink again and I did. I had to look at alcohol as the enemy, after all, it only wants to destroy me, you and everyone else who is an alcoholic.

I'm happy to hear you have your Families support, that's extremely important. I take it you've talked to them about your being an alcoholic? Building a strong support system is vital to Recovery. Have you been to any AA Meetings? Yes, SR is a wonderful support system, but I think it's important to have the face to face support of others who can say they understand what you're feeling, what you've been through, what you're going through now and what you'll be going through in the future.

I hope you'll continue to come here, let us know how you're doing and remember, you are not alone!

God Bless,

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Thank you so much all of you! I ended up spending the evening watching TV and indulged in some chocolate. I might be replacing alcohol with food, but I think that might be okay for now. I'm also exercising at least 30 minutes a day (just a walk outside) which defnitely helps a lot.
I slept really well and woke up feeling positive and hopeful, so I think the immediate crisis is over. Thank you for your support and encouragement.
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