Aysha has 90 days!!!!

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I hope this lady works out as your sponsor. Best wishes to you for the next 90 days!
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Glad to hear that this time is quality clean time for you and not just abstaining.!

Keep us posted. Like to hear sucess stories.
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Nice One!
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Congratulations Trish on your 90 days!! That's awesome. I'm so happy for you.

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Way to go Trish! I am so happy for you & proud of you!! You are awesome, girl! Love, Jomey
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Trish, that's awesome on the meeting and sponsor thing.

My first sponsor when I was going through treatment was a real @ss kicker, just what I needed and she really gave me tons of great wisdom and insight on staying sober. I still hear her in my head today.

So glad things are going good for you. Can't wait for your next update. xo
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grats on 3 months
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Congrats (((Trish)))
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Congratulations, Trish!!
I'm so proud of you
Keep on keeping on!
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Hi, Trish...did you used to be Chiy? something...hope I don't have you mistaken for someone else...anyways, I remember reading your posts a year ago and always found them inspiring, then I stepped away for the last 8 months...anyways I need to get back so I looked for you...glad you are still here and congrats on 90 days...
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OMG!! I almost missed this and I wouldn't have been happy about that.

CONGRATULATIONS TRISH!!! You have earned this. I hope you spoil yourself or have spoiled yourself. I admire you girl!!!
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