drunken bum

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drunken bum

sorry guys got a bit trashed last night..AND YEAH dont even know what i wrote or said..APOLOGYS to those concerned, may well consider a shot at
the AA scene, if its a way to get sorted here! lapsed after a 15 dayer..not
good dude! managed to work this morn back early.. dont wanna end up gettin
banned from this place for drunk an disorderly behaviour or owt like that, this
joke is,nt funny anymore!! anyhows humble pie eaten :wtf2[/FONT]
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Dust yourself off and start again Dasha.
I don't recall reading any offensive posts of yours but try to remember the feeling of remorse you are experiencing now.
If it helps you on your quest for sobriety all is not lost.
Good luck going forward.
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I'm glad to see you thinking of different avenues Dasha.
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Dasha SR is a lot like AA, neither one shoots their wounded & as far as I know one really needs to mess up here to get the boot.

Dee correct me if I am wrong, but if one does get the boot here it is for a long time....correct?

In AA if someone comes to a meeting and makes a bunch of trouble they are asked to leave, but they are also told that they will be welcome back any time they can behave them selfs.
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I didnt know what you meant then stumbled along a thread you posted on yesterday hehehe i did that a few times on SR, then got into AA and am sober now so it can all work out if you want it enough:-)
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I tried and failed to stay sober too many times to remember, but I kept trying. Don't give up. Keep trying. You'll stay sober when you're ready to stay sober, when you want to be sober more than you want to drink.
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I saw your posts last night and I hoped you would be back today and sober.
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We Do Recover
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Hi Dasha........I guess I missed your previous posts but I can totally relate to being drunk and saying inappropriate things. My problem was calling people in the early morning hours--usually after the bar closed. Talk about humiliation--having people call me the following day and ask if i remembered calling them ---which sadly most of the time I had no clue what they were talking about. Thank goodness I no longer have to do that anymore. I think if you haven't tried AA yet--well, what could it hurt? It might be worth going to a few meetings to see if that might help. Hope you continue to post and seek recovery even if you should stumble here and there. I didn't get recovery overnight. It has been a bumpy road yet I am still moving right along. Keep moving forward. We do recover.
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There but for the grace of God go I.......
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