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Hi. My name is Jay, and I'm an alcoholic.

This is the first time I've admitted it to anyone besides myself. I've been pretty aware of my condition for several years now, but have yet to make one successful step towards recovery.

I'm drunk now. It would be the 5th time this week, I think. My tolerance has gotten to a point where some times I don't have enough alcohol in the house to get sufficiently drunk. This is after attempting to move "up" to vodka.

I'm 32. I have two absolutely precious little girls. I'd like to see them grow up. I almost killed myself slamming percocet while drunk. That was almost three years ago, and - unfortunately - the only thing I learns was to ask for vicuprofen instead of vicodin.

Anyway. Thank you for allowing me to say my little bit on your forum. I hope I'll be around for a while. It's hard to commit to what sober me will do when I need a drink.

Thank you.
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I'm glad you are here Jay! Welcome to SR! This is a great place to find support. Remember--you don't have to go through this alone. Admitting that you have a problem is a huge step---a positive one--in the right direction. Hope to hear more from you soon. We do recover.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Thanks for joining us and sharing part of your story.
This can be the time for you to quit.
You will find many of us who are winning over our addictions.

Welcome to our recovery comunity....
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Smile Welcome jay77..

..this is a great place for help and understanding...

..sounds like you love those little girls..keep posting..Oz..
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Thank you.

I hope I can share more soon. There are a few things I'm quite desperate to share with people who can relate.

For now, my big step forward is bookmarking SR on my phone. Maybe next time I'm driving to my favorite convenient store I'll pull over and check out SR... maybe change my mind. ...
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Welcome to SR Jay, I have walked in your shoes, I did so for a lot of years!

I like you drank even though I did not want to drink, I had to drink to feel normal!

I to reached the point where there were days I drank all day, one right after the other & could no longer get where I needed to get, I could not even get a buzz any more.

I stood on the edge of a cliff, I had my future exposed to me if I kept on drinking, the lose of every single thing I held dear in life..... leaving me to drink myself to a slow, painful, LONELY death from my alcoholism!

I felt totally hopeless, you see I knew I was incapable of stopping drinking with out help, as a result of this realization I knew I could never stay sober because I could not even get sober! I knew I had to do something or I was going to lose it all & die!!!

I called a Drug & Alcohol hotline and they got me an appointment with a doctor who specialized in drug addiction & alcoholism!!! I had given up, I had surrendered to the fact that if I kept doing things my way I was a dead man!!!

I saw the doctor & I told him the ENTIRE truth about my drinking.... how long I drank, how much I drank, what happened to me if I tried not to drink, & what happened to me when I did drink!

He told me that if I wanted even a chance to get sober I needed to be medically detoxed!

Jay are you willing to do what ever it takes to GET sober?

If the anwer to that is yes then see a doctor ASAP & tell the Dr. the WHOLE truth and then do as the Dr. suggest!

If you listen to the Dr. and you go into detox then you will need to be willing to do what ever it takes to STAY sober!

The majority of alcoholics need some sort of long term recovery program! More then likely the detox folks will give you a taste of a long term recovery program, you may go to rehab, in rehab they will give you a larger taste of a long term recovery program.

Take it one step at a time and know that you are not hopeless if you are willing to do what ever it takes to first get sober & then to stay sober.

See a Dr. NOW & be HONEST!!!!
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Hi Jay and welcome to SR.

I hope you read and take note of what Tazman says. You are not alone here.
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Welcome to SR Jay.
For me that first step to actually quit was the hardest too.
Sadly it took me longer and the one thing I regret was missing all that time with my children when they were young because drinking was more important. They are grown now and I can't get that time back to be the father they deserved.
I hope you do not make the same mistake.
Good luck in your quest.
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Welcome to SR! We are here to offer support and information to help you get and stay sober. I'm glad you joined us!
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So many of us can relate. Welcome to SR jay. Keep reading and posting.
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I too have two beautiful children, though I haven't seen them in seven years; after I left my wife and children, my wife moved abroad. I didn't really care at the time, all I wanted to do was drink and be left alone, but it hurts now; and coming to terms with it has not been an easy thing to do.

However, I am sober today and have been for nearly a year, thanks to the fellowship and programme of AA; and who knows, maybe there'll be a happy ending with regards to me seeing my children. There's more chance of it happening if I'm sober than not happening if I'm drunk or dead.
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Welcome Jay

I hope you'll turn to us too.

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Hi Jay,


I'm glad that you found us and that you are reaching out for support.
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