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Its time for bed
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So, do you have trouble living in the moment? I do... trying to change that up.

I think that had a role in with the drinking. I had difficulty enjoying the little things like the weather and big things like my wedding and my children. I just found it tough to take it in and simply enjoy. I find it tough today. I can see how alcohol had a role in boosting my spirits so I could enjoy the moments that matter.

I can also see how drinking provided a temporary release from my mistakes of yesterday and how it relieved my constant worry about tomorrow.

Living with shame and spending every moment of the day worrying about tomorrow is no way to live. I say stop it and let the pieces fall where they must... worrying just makes me older and shame brings me down.

LAUGHTER is better than worry. LAUGHTER lives in the moment and makes better memories than worry or shame. Where is life without laughter? What is life without humor? Sure its human to worry... but don't live in it.

I need to remind myself to live for today. Cannot fix yesterday and I will not spend all my hours of my day worrying about tomorrow... I've got some funny movies to watch and quality time with my wife and kids. Any whatever happens will happen and I will be better equiped to deal with it because I am not consumed with pain and worry.

Sober for hundreds of days now, sober for life.
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It's getting easier, but it's by no means perfected. When I feel scared, which I do A LOT, and I reflect on it, I know it's because I'm either thinking about the future or the past. And I wonder why I do it when all it does is cause me anguish.
One thing about the present moment- it's the only place you're completely safe.
I'm glad you're perfecting it! I'm going to learn from you. I can tell
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It's hard to focus on the moment and not drift off into what was and what might be.

I found that reading "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle really helped me.
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Great post c49999
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Its time for bed
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I've been thinking more about it and here it is:

I could let all of life's garbage get under my skin and ruin today and tomorrow just like I let it ruin days before. I can complain and stay dry OR drink and let others have new reasons to complain about me. NOPE!!!!

So its not always easy... I'm getting that... there is something to be thankful about every day. Say it out loud even if you may not be feeling it. There's something.

I just don't have the energy to be miserable. Hey if it takes work to stay out of Hell than its a good investment.
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Nice thread. Gratitude helps me focus on the moment. I have future worries and I can let them consume me totally, but I have chosen to be grateful for what we "now" have and not worry about whether it will be taken from us in the future. It is so hard to do, but definitely worth the peace of mind and health of body. Stress can be so hard on the body.
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