Treats for not drinking

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Treats for not drinking

So I have been allowing myself some simple pleasures I would not have used to in lieu of all those empty calories in alcohol I was consuming insanely. I am still maintaining my healthy weight(if not replacing fat with muscle) and I enjoy food stuff more than ever.

I never drank soda really, only beer. Now I will have a cola, sarsparilla, or a root beer with dinner sometimes. Delicious

I most often say yes to desert now when offered.

I may even start eating ice cream more than 2-3 times a year. I never had much of a sweet tooth before but now I seem to be getting a bit of one. And yes I am aware of the underlying metabolic reasons why, I am just reveling in this simple pleasure.

So what have you all started enjoying more since sobriety?
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Everything you've mentioned above.

I definitely enjoy my desserts, ABSOLUTELY!!!!!
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Originally Posted by NEJeeper View Post
So what have you all started enjoying more since sobriety?

..simply,your post...
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Diet soda, coffee with splenda and fruits for dessert. When I first quit I put on about ten pounds eating all of the things that you mentionede probably to excess.
Rollo ice cream and chocolate fudge cakes were my favorites. I miss both of these things far more than the drinking but for now I am going to go 85 days OS (Obvious sweets) free. ):
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Chocolate, lots of it (milk, white, dark, with nuts, without, covering pretzels, etc.) and I'm afraid if I had muscle before , it is turning to fat. But hey, it's sober fat.
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Its time for bed
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I can binge on M&Ms and ice cream every now and then like I did with booze. The body can crave sugar at times and I'd rather give it M&Ms than a bottle of shyte any day.

No worries!
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The biggest 'treat' I enjoy sober is just that: waking up sober and not feeling sick and anxious and awful for days after. The other treat is elimination of the risk brought on with drinking. If I'm not drinking I can never drive drunk! If I'm not drinking I'm not spending money I can't afford to spend! That is a big treat in itself.
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I dig sour stuff, tons. I found a local store that still sells Warheads, so I'm excited. They are a hard sour candy, and hard candy +any kind of sugar also helps with the sudden lack of all the sugar from alcohol.

Mmm. I finished my pack of warheads yesterday. I'll have to get some more. I also had a brownie at AA the other night. Haven't had a brownie in a long time. It was num (:
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I have a major sweet tooth but I try to moderate.

I have been known to go shopping though. For clothes, makeup, beauty products, housewares, you name it. I actually have to keep it under control.
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Getting massages. Living in a house that isn't chaotic. Waking up and not feeling sick. Did I mention messages? Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, mainicures, pedicures, forcing bulbs to bloom for my own selfish enjoyment, keeping a journal, keeping a sketchbook, falling back in love, playing with my dog, napping on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon...gosh- lots of stuff. And Massages.
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well its interesting to read the above, ive had a strange craving for mangos, normally here
in the uk, there pretty expensive.. but was in my local (LIDL) Bargain basement shoppin
food mall, an i dont know how but they seem to be able to sell like fruit&veg at silly low
prices,i mean lovely big mangoes from peru, so juicy at 29pence each,let me try and translate to US,CURRENCY here, would that be around 18 cents? am sure some smart
alec will correct me on this.... its ok! i can take bein wrong once or twice in life!!!! the
rest of the time im always right,haha...Yes as was sayin bought a couple of boxes of
these things; and have been eatin about 3 a day,..Very underated fruit i think full of
goodness... Oh an yes this is my 10th day and i think im goin crazy... writing things like
this about mangoes... I mean when i was drinkin would barely write anythin at all....
have been workin last couple days, quite a physical job, an ye know when you gotta
cold or flu, an your impatient to rest up properly, till you get rid, instead you go about
your biz like 50% fit, then get home from work and crash in bed exhausted... Pretty
sure theres a major detox goin on here... Think am gettin over the worse, should be
runnin on all cylinders again real soon... am feelin good in my non drinking resolution,
and growin in confidence little by little, good luck to all others on the same path.
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I just splurged on two things. I made a home spa for the financially challenged. One $50 Jacuzzi tub mat (makes any tub a jucquzzi) and.... A $200 Shiatsu Massage Pad. That's my luxury items for this whole year - Until my next tax return, at least!

The massage pad should be handed out to all newcomers. ;-)
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I've been having yogurt cravings like crazy! Chocolate/Vanilla swirl with Reeces Peanut Butter Cup as a mix-in. Yum!
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I drank vodka heavy enough that I would not let myself drink or eat anything dairy because the idea of vodka and milk products sloshing around and mixing together in my stomach really sickened me for some reason (i don't know why that is....but it is).

So I have been enjoying drinking milk with meals, eating ice cream and cottage cheese lately. I have really been missing those things. Another nice thing is simply drinking water. I was drinking only vodka and whatever was my chaser (I usually liked diet cream soda) for so long its nice to drink clean water too. Kinda strange what "normal" things I let go of just so I could drink a poison
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Did I mention chocolate Mmmmmh
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Great idea to remind us all of the "plain" treats we enjoy!! I'm only on day 3 and the hardest thing is not having anything to look forward to (I know how sad that sounds) but already I'm finding a nice meal or some choclate with a good film is starting to replace vodka. Just hope I'm not swapping one addiction for another!!
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Another random one I forgot about. I have a real weakness for assorted Cherry Sours! Bad for the teeth, but oh so good. :-)
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chocolate, shoes, clothes! I have been shopping a bit too much really....

One thing I really do enjoy is watching documentaries, and actually remembering and understanding what is going on. Mentally I seem to consume less junk and more brain nutrition.
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I eat two Lindor dark chocolates every night. My big treat comes on day 40 when I upgrade my IPod to an ITouch.
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I just remembered, my six year olds popscicles. Orange tastes like childhood.
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