Day one!

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Day one!

Alright, one down, and feel great. I feel tired, which is awesome, no more alcholol fueled insomnia tonight! Went for a good run today, felt great.

I want to thank all the folks who replied to my post I put up, it really helps to see others have gone through the same.

Some things I was thinking about with drinking and our culture....I came from a family and social drinking culture of people, as do many I am sure. This I feel really set me up for a similar lifestyle. The biggest test will be staying sober during those times of visiting family.

I also believe that the legal drinking and buying age really sets kids up for problems. I'm not implying that it should be lowered or people should by for minors, but look what happens.....young "Billy" knows he can get some booze every once in awhile because of the difficulty of finding people to buy, so when he does get some, he hammers it back, learning a drinking style of overindulgence. So, his foundation, instead of having a drink with dinner, is having 12 drinks at a house party. This progresses through the more serious consequences.

I don't know..just some rambling.

Good luck to everyone out there, keep the faith and commitment!
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I'm glad you're feeling good on day one. (I never did!) Congrats on choosing a sober life. It sure is worth the effort.
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Keep up the good work, dave!!
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Way to go! One day at a time my friend. You can do this thing.
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Hi Dave, well done on 1 day.

One day at a time
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I'm glad you are feeling so good with 1 day down!! Keep it up and wishing you all the best!
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