looking for support

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looking for support

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but it goes along with depression and alcoholism. I am trying once again to get sober- been trying for about 2 1/2 years, Part of the problem is depression as well. I use the alcohol because it numbs things that I don't think I can deal with. I have not had more than 6 month sobriety at one time- I try to work the program and do the stpes but I always seem to go back to wanting to use. I have dappled a little with abusing pain pills- not much since i live on my own, I have a sponsor in the program and a great therapist but worry that they feel like giving up. I have been on celexa and am in the process of switching to wellubutrin to see if the depression gets any better. I guess I am just looking for some hope and support to continue- i'm rather shy don't have a lot of contacts around here. I know part of me wants to try to stay sober- but its just so hard. Any comments or thoughts are appreciated.
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Hi and Welcome,

It IS hard, but you can do it!

I also had depression and self-medicated with alcohol. It helped very briefly, but before I knew it, I was an alcoholic and couldn't/wouldn't stop drinking.

In my experience I had to try a few different antidepressants to find one that worked for me, and the dosage had be adjusted to. So, please persevere and I hope you can find something that works.

Staying sober, recovering, involves making a lot of changes in your life. I'm glad you have a great therapist and I hope that you keep reading and posting here.
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It used to be so easy for me to slip into depression. It was my sick little comfort zone. I read once someone describing it as "hugging porcipines". That's when we do things that just feeds our depression.

So, I recognize when I'm slipping back into it and say to myself "you're hugging porcipines". Puts it in a simple perspective.

It's hard to let go of those porcipines. There is only one pure cure. It's not one we like to hear: 1.) Time 2.)Work. I didn't bother treating my depression while drinking as I knew enough to know that the meds would not work as long as I was diluting my brain with obscene amounts of alcohol.

1.) Time: It's number one because we have to get the fog out of our heads. Have to detox our neurons. Can't very well do much of anything with our neurons firing all over the place not knowing which way is up.

2.) Work: It starts when we find the strength to go that first 24 hours. The work increases, as the same person will drink again. Having fellowship of others eases us into the work. It turns into pleasurable work. Makes us hungry for it. Once the tiniest of positive change happens we think: I must get more of this. It creates a snowball effect of utter transformation.

It happens everyday. The only way to get started is to stop diluting your brain.
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For alcoholism caused the depression.
I've often been a backward woman.

By the end of 2 months of AA abstinance my depression had vanished

Please do keep trying....I'm sorry you are having difficulties.
Welcome to our recovery community.....
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Welcome to SR! We're glad you're here. Please stick around and read/post.
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Welcome to SR treeline. Congratulations on seeking a new life.

I'm shy too, and used alcohol to help with social anxiety. It certainly did backfire! In the end, all I wanted to do was stay in my little cocoon and drink. Using alcohol to get numb & feel better about things doesn't work. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to realize it.

I hope you'll stay here with us and find the courage to stick with your plan to quit. Being here and getting help & suggestions made all the difference to me. I wouldn't be 2yrs. sober without SR.
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It's tough to fight clinical depression alone, much less alcoholism at the same time. Remember, though, that alcohol is in itself a depressant. Drinking isn't going to make you feel better, only worse. And alcohol will have an effect on the success of the antidepressants also. Thus it's imperative that your doctor knows you're an alcoholic.

Don't give up on your recovery. It isn't easy. One thing you hear a lot about in the program is the concept of a higher power. Alone we can't do it, so we ask for the help of a higher power. When that finally sank through my thick skull I found the going to be much easier. You may want to try it.
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Drinking while taking antidepressants only negates the effect of the antidepressants. Please tell your doctor about your drinking. I too drank away depression and anxiety, only it didn't go away, it just got worse. I hope you can find the strength to quit drinking. Now that I've quit drinking my depression is managed a lot better with my meds.

Welcome to SR!:ghug3

We also have a mental health forum. Check it out. Mental Health - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
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Welcome treeline589 to

I have PTSD and depression is a main feature of my mental illness. I needed to be sober & clean for some time before my Dr. would prescribe me meds...just to make sure I wasn't experiencing withdraw symptoms from my addiction. It took quite a bit patience and trial with psychiatric meds before I got good enough results that helped ease the depression symptoms. However treating my depression with meds alone was not recommended by my Dr. My Dr. highly recommended that I develop a treatment plan because he said that depressions meds will only help me get well enough to start being involved with treatment activities.
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