Work demands and getting sober

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Work demands and getting sober

I never thought I would give a crap about this- but, without going into my whole story (short story - drank+ whatever for 20+ yrs.). But my work has saved my life- pretty much by keeping me from drinking (I dont drink and work)- I have a high work ethic and work 60hrs a week- but I do like my work- but it creates anxiety which I handle. I know by experience that I need 5 days to get through detox again at least before I can be effective in my presentations and meetings. I can't find 5 days anywhere!! Plus I am scared ******** about having shakes doing meetings and presentations in front of 1-200 people, that is anxiety, for me anyway. Man I need to just find the window....random post- Love you all- its tough.
the Dude abides, I will figure it out.
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I hope you find a way to live sober, Dub.
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I hope so too Dub.

You know as well as anyone of us that alcoholism is progressive - the longer you put off dealing with it, the chances are the worst it will manifest itself, mate.

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Work has always been my salvation too. Like you, I have a high work ethic and give 110% to it. Like me, you may have to take a short leave of absence to get it together. Is that possible? It sounds like some time off is necessary.

Please take care of yourself. You don't have to live that way any more. I know I don't and I'm so grateful.

Much love to you,

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does your place of employment have an EAP

Employee Assistance Program?
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thanks- maybe i just need to take a weeks vacation soon....i appreciate the responses
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It's never too soon to stop drinking.:ghug3
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Good Morning Dub:
Sounds like you are working a heck of a lot of hours. Been running thru the posts here and wanted to say good morning. BTW If you have anxiety problems isn't there any medication you can take for that?
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I can agree with you on the detoxing. I'm on day 5 from coming off Hydro's. Not fun! But I did get a good nights sleep last night, so I'm feeling better today. So take it from me! Don't start over!!!!!! Don't know your clean time, but I had two years under my belt before I had to go back on these things. After surgery I got off of them for 90 days and then had to back on them for 7 months. Now I'm starting over again. I know/ knew the trauma of coming off of these drugs and hated the **** out of it each time I'd have to start over. So take it from me! If the thought is there, (which I know it comes and goes), just think back to that detox time and how long it takes to get thru it and to get your energy back. I'll have more energy about the 8th day off of this stuff. Counting the days.
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A hectic work schedule is a good way to take away your drinking time, but what happens if you don't have the job anymore? Got a plan for that little contingency? There are two parts to successful recovery. The first is abstinence. That's physical sobriety. The second is developing emotional sobriety. And it's that emotional sobriety that keeps us from drinking. You're abstinent and you're using your job to keep you that way. You're going to need a lot more than that for the long haul, my man.

You've been around here long enough to know about AA, and I strongly suggest you try it. Yeah, I know all about your busy schedule. I owned a restaurant for 17 years and worked more hours than you put in. But I was always able to find an hour here and there during the week to go to a meeting, and I was always able to find meetings that fit my 90 hr work week schedule. I know AA isn't for everyone, but it works for millions of people and might work for you, too. But the important thing here is to stop using your work schedule to keep you sober. You need a better plan.
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I must admit i do beleive in the old saying, the devil will find work for idle hands to do,
busying yourself with positive constructive energy to society is a plus surely? i think
so anyway,
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By the way is that guy dedyuba, not some American filmstar!!! looks like to me, if theres, autographs, and t shirt sighnings, give us a shout, LOL,
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