60 Days for BBR

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60 Days for BBR

I’ve made it to day 60 and I feel great! Not that it’s been easy, but it has been getting easier as the time goes by.

I have been using SR for support. I have been reading everyday, though I don’t post very often. The 1st thing I do when I get home from work is read all the new messages in this Newcomer’s Forum and find many of the threads very motivating. It also provides a change of routine… important and helpful, as that’s the time when I would normally start drinking.

Last time I quit, about 2 years ago, I had a relapse at around 3 months. The mind started playing tricks like telling me “see… you don’t have a real problem… you can quit if you want and you’ve proved it” Pretty soon it was saying “ it’s OK if you only have a few while you’re on vacation… right?” It wasn’t long before I was looking for other excuses to drink and before I knew it I was back to a daily routine.

This time I know I have a real problem… I proved it the last time I relapsed, so it’s been easier to ignore the voice… and as a result it seems to be less intense and less frequent. I know it's a lie!

I am truly enjoying life more being sober than I did when I was drinking. Take care all and thanks again for the support.

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Thanks for sharing your progress....
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60 days is awesome! I hope you post more!
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60 days, congratulations!

So,... ignoring the voice makes it go away more? Hmmm. Thank you, I'm going to try that.

Take care,
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Congratulations BBR!

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Congratulations on 60 days. Reading about the misery alcohol causes is a good reminder. It is very easy to forget particularly when this disease is so cunning.
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bbr: Outstanding Job Keep it Going!!!
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Congrats and (((hugs))) on making sixty days!
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Congratulations bbr.
Coming here keeps me on the straight and narrow also so keep coming back every day.
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Congratulations BBR! You are right in ignoring that pesky voice. It just reminds us of why we are on this path. Good for you!!!!
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Hey all, I just got home from work and started reading today's posts. Thanks for all the kind replies! I appreciate the support.

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