I am three weeks old tonight!

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I am three weeks old tonight!

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well done Laura S

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Good job, Laura! Congrats!


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Congratulations, Laura!

It does get easier. You've got alot of support here to help you on your journey.

Way to go! :day2
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by LauraS View Post
You Rock!!!
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Great news! As I recall, those first 3 weeks are very rough. You made it.
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Congratulations Laura.
I too think the first month is the hardest.
The urges will become less and less as you progress.
Wishing you continued success on your quest.
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High five! Congratulations!
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Thanks a lot for your support! It means so much right now.
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You got through the toughest part Laura. You are stronger and more then able to go another day. Great job!!
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YAH LauraS!!!!! xo (((((Hugs)))))

Keep up the great work and I'm sure glad you joined this amazing Forum!!!!

Love Pancake xo
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