Going to give it a go

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Going to give it a go

Hello to all,
I have not had a drink for two days and feel quite proud of myself.
I have tried in the past , the longest I've been sober for is four weeks .
I have a problem with will power I think !
This time is going to be different, one day at a time and total abstinence.
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Welcome to SR newstartwanted

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Welcome to a great place for knowledge and experience and support. Congrats on deciding to live sober. It really is so much better than drinking, in so many ways.

My life isn't 'easier' sober but it sure is simpler.
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Congratulations on the two days. Sounds like an excellent start. I hope you find SR to be helpful to your recovery, and I look forward to seeing future posts about your journey with sobriety.
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Congrats on your new undertaking. Lots of good people here to help you through.
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Welcome NewStart!

Hope you stick around and let us know how you are doing. Lots of great help and support here!
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Good for you for deciding to live a sober life!
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Glad you are seeking a better sober future....
Welcome to our recovery community

Here are excerpts from the book that
convinced me to finally quit drinking

Please see if you find it useful
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Hi and welcome,

Congratulations on making the decision to quit.

Do you plan on doing anything different this time to help you stay quit?
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Welcome, congrats on your 2 days sober
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Originally Posted by newstartwanted View Post
I have a problem with will power I think!
Welcome, newstartwanted. I hope this time works out for you.

If I take a little liberty with AA's definittion of alcoholism, I can define it as, 'If I find I lack sufficient willpower to give up drinking entirely, ...I'm probably alcoholic.'

That lack of willpower isn't necessarily a good or bad thing. I just needed to know whether it was true or not. To find out if I had sufficient willpower to recover, all I had to do was look at my past experience with trying to stop drinking and stay stopped.

In that experience, looked at honestly, my willpower concerning booze was amazingly weakened. The methods I tried to quit were Dr.'s, drugs, counseling, outpatient treatment, inpatient rehab, AA without any spiritual action, and countless times trying willpower on its own. Everything failed for me.

With that hard evidence, I had to fearlessly face the fact that I lacked the willpower. When I gave up that notion and admitted defeat, and asked for help, someone showed me how to take the 12 Steps and get the sufficient power in my life. I've been sober ever since, and pretty darn happy about it.
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Hi and welcome NewStart,
I like the name it has meaning.
I don't go to AA, but Keith is so right. Once you stop fighting and surrender merely to the fact that you can't drink, don't want to drink, won't drink, it is so much easier.
No willpower needed. Just find a way that's right for you to get there.
Two days is great, keep going.
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Welcome! This place is wonderful for support and education. Please let us know of your progress.


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A big thankyou

I would like to say a big thankyou for all your good wishes.

I;ve now been sober a week and I feel really good.

I thought I might have a problem last night I went out to celebrate my friends birthday, we have been friends for over twenty years and normally if we go out we both end up mortal !! I was worried I'd be tempted to have "just" one ! My solution was take the car. I moved house just before Xmas and getting a taxi from the town would cost 23. I wouldn't drink and drive so there was my excuse had to take car.
Secondly we went for a Japanese meal which I have never had before, It was amazing sushi, lobster,steak all cooked in front of you by our own personal chef, We drank water which is a lot cheaper than two bottles of wine and I can honestly say I was really able to taste the food and hold an intelligent conversation with the other diners and chef and remember everything this morning. I didn,t insult anyone or wake up this morning cringing at my anticts.
I,ve been really busy at work and having a clear head has been a new experience.
I did have a bit of a headache on Thursday night I put it down to a bit of withdrawl Big glass of cranberry juice put me right. I think I've lost a bit of weight not much maybe two pounds but thats a good side effect aswell.
So on with tomorrow and I'm now going to read a few more threads then off to bed
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Congratulations on yr week
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Hi there...great feeling isn't it..well done
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