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Its just a constant feeling of being a bad person at the core.
Hi Daphne, I cannot say that I know much about you, and can only make my own little assumptions.

But from what I have experinenced with people, I am going to guess that at most, you may be a person who made bad choices, that you may have let bad feelings linger too long, or may have acted in a bad way towards other people and maybe even yourself.

Guilt can lead to strong self-depreciating feelings, but you don't need to be your own executioner. Yes, getting sober will most probably not fix these issues, but trying to adress them while drinking will be like driving through an obstacle parcourse while having one hand tied on your back.

You don't have to be stuck with punishing yourself for past actions by denying yourself the right to feel good and happy. Also, I don't believe that one is condemned to stay the same person with the same flaws all ones life- we can change and evolve. If these feelings are something that has been a problem for a long time in your life, maybe some form of recovery that includes elements from behavioural therapy could be useful.

I couldn't put it better than WakeUp:
Don't be afraid to take the journey within yourself, you will learn so much, and you will be able to release the pain you feel. When you release the pain, you will feel freedom.
Finally, be compassionate to yourself.
Hugs, and I believe that you are not as bad a person as you think
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Originally Posted by daphne View Post
mark thanks for the positivity BUT if you knew the life I had led you would take a different view
Nope, never....

I am not just saying this to be patronizing or to give you a :ghug3.... I mean it and I'm serious. You need to take that journey and see your inner light. On that journey you will also see your own humanity. Reconcile. Then, do what you can to make it right and do your best to let that light shine.

You deserve that.

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Originally Posted by daphne View Post
My guilt is not connected to drinking. Its just a constant feeling of being a bad person at the core. When I am not drinking its no different from when I am. I have not screwed up stuff when drunk so do not have the "drink ruined my life " excuse, I am to blame for all my decisions NOT alcohol.
Hello daphne

Your drinking may be connected to your guilt.
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