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i've done my almost
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I took a cab this morning and this time...

It wasn't to a strip club the day after to retrieve my credit card, which I left, b/c I was too drunk to pay.

It wasn't from Mexico to the US border, as I stiffed the cab driver and then proceeded to cross the border with a few "goodies" in my pocket that I bought the night before.

It wasn't to a hospital b/c I thought I OD'd on the white lady (after calling my ex girlfriend in some sort of sick pathetic attempt to win-her-back). Cocaine's a helluva drug.

It wasn't to get a ride to a downtown in one of many cities across the U.S. (I used to travel a lot for work) to buy some "handshake drugs that I bought downtown" (great song by Wilco).

Nah, this time was to go to work. I feel good. Just wanted to share!
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hope you are doing good my friend. after reading your post it reminds me of me. not the cab, but the 'nots' you have in there. That crap will take over your life- believe me I have been in that hole- way deep. I am struggling with alcohol now, and got the C behind me. Wish I was sober completely. Have a great day.
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Good deal!
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Don't resist, allow
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Great, thanks for sharing.

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Great stuff indeed
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Well im disappointed by the end of your post, i thought you were going to say to a meeting;-) Seriously though good for you:-)
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Drugs were not my deal but misadventures + cabs sure were

Leaving a bar...I wisely took out 2 bills for the fare and tip
Next day ...I make a deposit slip for $50 get to bank find I
have only $1. Yes...I gave the driver the $50 bill.

Got in a cab fully dressed. Went home...took off my coat....
my skirt was missing. ..???
Often wondered what the next fare thought.

Decided to visit a part time lover....2 hours south of D.C.
He has no phone it was going to be a big surprize.

Struck a bargin with a taxi driver....a pint of gin and $75
While buying his ...of course I buy 2 fifths one mine one for
the about to be host.
It never occured to me that this was risky behavior.

Not sure if he was already drunk...but I was....
We open the booze as we cross the Potomac. into Va.

We get a flat about midnight on a dark country road.
Taxi has no tire iron. We sit sipping and singing
along with the radio Eventually a car stops
and cab driver uses her tire iron.
She sings and sips too...

It's 4 a.m. I decide it's too late for a visit
To get back to D.C. the price was $50 and
the unopened "host" bottle.

But the very worse ...Carol and Cabs.....
husband 2 was a charter boat Captain who drove a
D.C. taxi during the winter. Turned out he
was abusive ...he punched.....I fled. ..leaving all my
"stuff" in southern Md. I knew he was a big time danger.
I cleaned out the bank accounts on my way back to D.C.

I did quit drinking years later and
there are no cabs here in Dallas Ga.
My taxi saga has ended.

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not little, a stranger no more
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Geat posts! And while some parts of Carols taxi saga sounded eerily familiar (giving the taxi driver inadvertedly too much money), others sounded like straight form some strange, alcohol fueled road movie

Sigh...this is a reminder of my own drunken cab expeditions. I spend a lot of money for cabs while I was drinking. Strange enough, even when I could barely stand up I always managed to find a cab- thankfully I was always wise enough to abstain from driving. Often I would just pass out in the backseat to be woken up by the driver arrived at destination.

The most disturbing experience that I was once so intoxicated that I didn't recognize my own neighborhood and was thinking that the driver was going to the wrong place. Not good times, and thankfully I'm done with this.

So thank you a lot for reminding me what it was like and that I never want to go back to this.
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i've done my almost
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Originally Posted by yeahgr8 View Post
Well im disappointed by the end of your post, i thought you were going to say to a meeting;-) Seriously though good for you:-)
Well, I did go to a meeting after I went to work. So it sort of got me there (in a round about way)
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