Hi everybody!

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Hi everybody!

I am on my way to recovery and sometimes have difficulty dealing with anxiety.
Thanks for creating this forum, it can surely help me and a lot of others that have a problem.
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Thanks for sharing! Anxiety can really be a bummer sometimes! But sometimes this world seems to have so much to be anxious about. I guess there are always excuses, but one day at a time we can work towards lessening our anxiety and focusing on positive steps we can take to achieve our goals.

Things that help/helped me,
-This forum
-12 steps of AA and nicotine anonymous.
-Focusing more on the positive things and lessening my exposure to negative people and media (when possible)
-Deep breathing,
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Welcome to SR anxiety, we've got an Anxiety forum here, please read and share if you'd like Anxiety Disorders - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
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I can so relate to dealing with anxiety!

You know how it happened: Years ago I found a few drinks helped. Then my anxiety got stronger while alcohol seemed to get weaker. NEEDED MORE! and etc.. etc.

So good for your getting sober. I know the nerves are going crazy now and that just takes time... I too thought it would be instantly better.

Some tips... DOCTOR. vitamins, good diet, EXERCISE (You have no idea what a difference that made for me in as little as a few days), LESS coffee and more water, a rocking chair (I'm not kidding!), spend some of your sober money on a massage, deep breathing @ work or when driving.

An herbal tea may make a dent too. Some here post their liking of "sleepy time" tea I think its called?... Personally I have taken Kava Kava and it did help.

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I had anxiety issues too. Alcohol affects the nervous system so if you have any concerns about your recovery/anxiety, best to see your dr.

The longer I'm sober, the less I'm anxious, and just overall feel soooo much better mentally and physically!

Congratulations on your decision to seek recovery. It is worth it - you are worth it. Look forward to hearing from you on the forums.

There's awesome support here in SR!
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There are lots of good suggestions here in this thread and at SR for anxiety issues.

The Mental Health / Anxiety forum is good in particular.

I wish you well!
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Hey hey - you are now amongst alot of people who suffer this! i am another...

Feel free to PM me anytime as I feel I do a good job of holding it at bay, especially in recovery.

I talked in front of a group of people at a meeting with all eyes staring at me for about 10 minutes last night, a few years ago, that just wouldnt have happened!

Welcome to SR
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I remember those feelings of anxiety.....I felt like I was coming out of my skin!! There is a wealth of information and loving support on SR!!

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