She Held my hand, amazing!

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She Held my hand, amazing!

For those of you that have been following my story, and even those have not. I am clean off of opiates now for 7 days. One week!

I was scared to death of going to a NA meeting and didnt want to at all. I was shaking in my boots. BUT, when I walked in I had this complete at peace feeling. I found the room that I was to be in and sat down by a lady that introduced her self, she said welcome, and held my hand, the whole meeting.. Now I am not the person to let people just hold my hand, but I felt oddly at peace and even shed a few tears at the warmth I felt in my heart. I felt warm and fuzzy, the good way, not the doped up opiate way.

It was so so worth it, I will go back thursday, and now I cant wait to go again.
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What a great message. Thank you for sharing that touching moment. Life is so full of great moments when we clear our heads and our bodies.
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Thanks for sharing that silentone - I'm so pleased you had such a good experience

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That's brought tears to my eyes. Where else can you get love and acceptance like that from a stranger. Thanks for sharing.
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Now that's a beautiful message, thank you for sharing.

For years, I've had a stupid phobia about men's recovery meetings. I've been telling myself that it's silly for a group of males to share about sobriety and shed tears.

For the past 6 weeks I've been going to a men's Christian meeting, it's been incredibly freeing to share openly and honestly, I don't feel the need to hide anything. And yes, we even *gulp* HUG

It's been a very humbling experience
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Loved that, silentone. Thank you for sharing. (hugs)
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One word...Amazing.
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Thanks all,

It was really awesome, I didnt think that I would ever feel like that in a group of people that all had "drug" problems. I was suprised at the warmth there, I dont know how else to explain it, it was just cozy/comfortable. I didnt say a word other then my name and why I was there, but just listening and holding a strangers hand was exactly what I needed.
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I think that the bond we share, as addicts, is amazing.

I'm glad you had a good experience.
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I'm so grateful to be clean and sober, otherwise I would have missed "Post of the Year!"

OMG you rock so hard Silentone!
(and I never say OMG..)
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I was so glad to read this Silentone!

I'm very happy for you
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Oh Silentone.....thank you for giving me a warm & fuzzy!!

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You guys made me smile, all of you... Thank you!
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NA--Never Alone.....Never Again. We do recover.
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