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My NYE`s were usually crap now that I think about it. I think I have only had one or two really good ones. It is 23h30 where I am and I am getting nervous. I am at work, but we have bars and restaurants here and there will be champagne for all the staff. I will have to take a glass but I don`t have to drink it.... I am more worried about after. We have all been invited to an informal meeting with the big boss after the toasts and drinking will be involved. I am going to have to quietly disappear after midnight. I have auditors coming tomorrow morning so I can porbably use that as an excuse. A friend of mine said to me a bit earlier that he thinks I am gonna have to "fall off the wagon tonight". I don`t see it as that. I see it as undoing all the positive work I have done in the last 6 months. On the 5th of January I will have 7 months. I am so much better. I do not want to go back to being that person or having that lifestyle. Oh well, wish me luck guys!
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Just got back from Vegas, so it will be a calm night for me!
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This is my first NYE sober in at least 15 years! Usually, I was too blasted by this hour to even see the ball drop or bring in the new year. It was really no different than any other day in that regard though. I recall so many New Years Days just pleading with myself to make "this year different", but without wanting to actually work on/at my recovery. I felt so much guilt in driving to a 24/7 convenience store on New Years in order to "stock up" for the day. I will not miss that!

As I sit now, Christmas Eve was more of a temptation than this has been. Looking forward to a crisp morning and a nice day tomorrow watching football!
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Wow, Twilight Zone Marathon is on Sci Fi Channel - thanks, everyone! Now I know what's I'm gonna do until midnight!
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it's AMATEUR night out there and i want NO part of it, thanks!!!!
so true...stayed in and watched a movie.... today (New Years Day) is day 90 for me...I had to make that!!!
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Grats loves!

I had an odd, backwards experience tonight. I am usually asleep long before midnight on NYE, just another night sober or drunk. Tonight I decided to go to the alano club sober dance. My sponsor kept making clothing suggestions? and said something totally stupid about my weight. I work a hard 8 hour physical labor job, and I am burnt. Between that, all the people in their fancy clothes (im still in work dickes but I put on my wannabe uggs) bleh! By the time people started dancing I was crawling out of my skin to get back home to my pjs and my dogs and my SR!!!!

first time I have ever left the alano club feeling worse than when I got there, but still, one out of like 100 times aint bad=)

I hope everyone makes it through sober and safe
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