Lurking for a while but think I'm finally ready to jump

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hahah tb, torn apart? Your so silly
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Good luck with tapering off. If you don't have a problem with alcohol, then it won't be a problem. If you do, you'll know soon enough. Congratulations on taking the first big step in entertaining the idea that you may have a problem. I think once that awareness seeps in, there's no going back to an unhealthy lifestyle, whichever road you choose.

Happy New Year!
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Smile Alcoholics

Originally Posted by MeAndOnlyMe View Post
The various labels are really getting to me. Alcoholics can be dry drunks while non-alcoholics can get drunk but still be non-alcoholics the next day. Alcoholics have days of not drinking while non-alcoholics have sober days between drinks. Maybe I'm just too new to all of this but it sounds rather hypocritical in tone.

I need to think more about this.
That is very important what you said there. I can only say stay on your path of discovery. If you are a Alcoholic the seed has been placed, you will know no two ways about it.
Now you have to determine how long you want to carry on your untreated Alcoholism if you are one. All the information to find out is in your AA meeting or at the Central Office in your local Town/City, you'll find it on line or in the yellow pages
This is a lonely decision sometimes, yet it doesn't have to be when you finally make your decision.
One last thing to remember, a decision has not been made if your still standing in the same place.
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I know what you mean regarding the labeling of our problems. It seems to be on my mind quite a lot also, like I need a definitive answer. Maybe if there was a simple blood test we could do or something?

But then perhaps, if that came back negative for alcoholism that would give me an excuse to start drinking again? Which would be exactly what this little Demon would want. So maybe it's not such a good idea after all.

I'm going to to try my best not to think about it from now on. Sticking with the facts - I have a problem with alcohol that is causing problems in my life and by the sounds of it, you do to.
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Good luck Me,

I am on the 4th day and am going strong. Lets keep each other on the path we both want to be on......
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great job my friend. if you really are serious about quitting, and i mean that respectfully (i have been around the block twice) i have some humble advice. i went to an inpatient rehab in may. feeling better than i really have ever felt when i left- exact opposite when i got there....

anyway my experience was when i left is i didn't want alcohol, i didnt crave it, i didnt drink anything at all, and i was proud of my accomplishment. my wife and kids were amazed and it made me so proud (i made the ride home- but i was fighting the tears- i was so proud.)

i relapsed after 8 or 9 weeks even with support. and here I am. maybe not you.

you seem like a cool person so, my advice, dont take this crap lightly, it will eventually (believe me) get to something you dont want. you can bank on that.
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Originally Posted by BetterDad View Post
Good luck Me,

I am on the 4th day and am going strong. Lets keep each other on the path we both want to be on......
Congrats. I'm wishing you the best of luck and hoping I always stay three days behind you now.
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Hey dub,

I have been following your posts around the board the last 2 days, understanding some of the feelings your going through too. I also went to rehab last November, actually stayed sober for 5 mths.....I felt unbelievably amazing while in the center, I felt that my spirituality was on the mend, then I remember arriving at my Dad's house......I always feel like it is OK to drink at my Dad's house......he always made everything alright when I was growing up!! Too bad I can NOT control my drinking and became an Dad never had this problem! I spiraled down quicker then ever and I learn that I would while I was in rehab. So now, 1 year later I reached that place of despair, the shame, guilt and suffering it is just tooooo much for me to handle so I am finishing my 2nd day without alcohol! Felt some irritation and edgy stuff before dinner but I am looking forward to going to bed soon and reading something for recovery to shut my brain down!!

Enjoying SR and seeing lots of sobriety and loving support here!! I do want to learn more about sober living and how to enjoy it!!

Take care of you!!
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Hey Me,

I can totally relate to that waking up at 4am (or earlier), with a racing heart, feeling groggy, and walking about with no particular place to go.

I also did that. I would especially pace the floor at work in my office where no one could see me. I did it at home too, after waking well before my family got up. Even in the dark.

Did you also have any anxiety?

Hope ur hangin in there.

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Hey there Me. Just reading this thread and wanted to say good luck on your quest. I also am motivated to make things better for my kids. They don't need to learn from my behavior, especially when I have blessed them with the gene of alcoholism. Over my last five weeks of sobriety, I think I have made a lot of changes for the better in my relationships with my children. I am more rational and less judgemental and quick-tempered. Unfortunately, my head is still messed up, but I suspect it will be for some time. This just reminds me that while my intentions are to also get well for the sake of my wife and kids, my number one priority is to get well for me. I tried tapering. I tried abstaining for a few days to clear my head, but when it all came down to it, I realized I could not. I am an alcoholic. I realize now that I am working on a life-long commitment to myself and others. It scares the **** out of me, but the simple "one day at a time" motto help bring things back into focus.

I put myself into AA, knowing that I had tried all else and a full-blown rehab would most likely bankrupt us in the end. So far, things are going well, but as I said, I am still scared spitless at times and have to reign myself in by just thinking about the present, not the future. I am a "projector" at heart and always looking ahead, so this is no easy undertaking, but if I can bring myself back to the "now", things get better.

I wish you the best of luck. Just remember, there are plenty more of us out there plugging away at this issue along with you. Take care~GQ
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