10 days

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10 days

So basically I have drank for 15 years, more or less every day especially the last 5 years. Always considered it social, always trying to fool myself into thinking 6 drinks a night is normal, if its just beer and maybe a cocktail to end the night. Everything I do lately has revolved around drinking, in some form. Golf, football games, bar night out, work happy hours, the list grows.

So 10 days ago I hurt myself and had to have surgery, stayed in the hospital 3 nights. I panicked. I told my doctors about my drinking but they didn't take it very serious. Surgery went well, but my withdrawl sucked. I had never felt like that before in my life. The first 5 days I might as well have been dead. I was nausated, headache, shaky, absolutlely no appetite. I ate popsicles and juice for a week and laid in bed afraid to move. The next few days were better, but still bad. I had this crazy sense of smell that lasted a few days. My fatigue was incredible.

I'm on day 10 now and I'm feeling better, a lot better actually. Other than seeing some cocktail on the food network TV today, I really haven't thought 'directly' about drinking. I'm not even sure what I am or what I want to do at this point. My insomnia is terrible and my nose is running constantly. I really do feel like I just came out of a war. I'd love to actually drink socially again... but I'm not sure I'm programmed to be able to do that.

My goal is to stay sober for a month and then talk with my doctor directly about my thoughts and fears and maybe also about an anti-anxiety med. My wife and family make me extremely anxious, which I think indirectly led to my drinking increase the last 5 years. I feel like talking to him (the doc) while sober is a good idea.. I dont have to try and make excuses, just be honest.

I hope I can sleep tonight.. is insomnia a pretty common side effect?
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Welcome to our recovery community.....

Please see if this link helps with your sleep problems
It has nothing to do with early sobriety tho
and yes...nsomnia is quite common early on.

Insomnia? 42 Simple Tips to Help You Get to Sleep - Insomnia treatment, cures

Glad you found us...we do understand how difficult
it is to win over alcohol....
Quitting was the wisest move I ever made.

Blessings to you and your wife
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Congrats on 10 days and welcome to SR!

I couldn't sleep worth a damn for weeks after I quit drinking. The booze relaxed my mind as well as my body. I had to find other things to make my brain shut off for the night.

Stick around and keep reading and posting!

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Yeah - withdrawal is no fun.....

Read around the threads, try out to your doctor sooner rather than later...

As tough as it is right now, there is a whole new life waiting for you if you hang on to sobriety and travel the road of recovery!

So glad you are here!
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welcome emailguy

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Welcome to SR Emailguy!
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Welcome and congrats.
My sleeping sucked too in the beginning.
Remember how ****** you felt that first 10 days. If you want to drink remember it will feel exactly the same way when you try quitting again. Brutal eh?
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and congratulations on your sober time
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Welcome to SR emailguy, and yes, the insomnia is pretty common but it gets better with time. 10 days are a good start, and reading and posting here can be very helpful, and you'll find a lot of support here. I am with ananda tough, better talk to your dr sooner than later
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I'm glad you're starting to feel better.
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Thanks all! I appreciate the kind words. I'll take your advice and make an appt now rather than waiting... I fell asleep at 4am last night, so I'm still struggling a bit. But it felt good to fall asleep finally!
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