it seems to be harder than i thought

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Originally Posted by acoogle View Post
"mom one more day you can do it if you have made it this far keep going"
wow, what a beautiful, special, strong girl she must be to encourage you that way. that there is the best motivation in the world... a 9 year old who needs you and loves you enough to say "mom you can do it". most 9 year olds can't even grasp the concept of addiction and having to help "the parent" instead of "the parent" helping them in a hard time. you are very blessed to have someone this mature and accepting helping you through recovery.
keep working at it, god bless.
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thanks alot im still trying to figure this whole site out.i think i sent you a private message a few min ago not sure let me know?
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Smile wow day 11 feeling alot better

good morning to all at sr today is my 11th day in recovery from oxy abuse and physically im feeling good. i had a rough night last night with temptations because the pill is in my home (my husbands). but instead i went for a walk with my daughter.i was thinking well maybe i can just take a piece of one to feel better from the wds but i stayed that the wds are getting alot better i can start focusing my life of sobriety it has been hard to even think about that with the pain and misery of cold turkey wds. im glad i did it cold turkey because i never want to go through that again it was hell for a good 10 days.this is my first am that i feel pretty good.i feel like today is the first day of the rest of my life.hoping the wds are over now and i can move on.
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day 12 and hanging in there

Hello to everyone at sr. I am on day 12 of being sober off of opiates for the past 6-7 feeling alot better still having some issues i think because i was taking so many oxycodones for so long it is going to take me a little longer.but i tell ya doing it cold turkey with no help was the way to do it for me not glad i did it this way so i can always remember what hell i went through withdrawing off this crap.i am just now able to start to think about actually being sober and the rest of my life. Im not getting much support from my husband. He quit the same time i did but he gave in on day five to temptation and said he could not handle the wds anymore.well im still hanging in there and my sweet daughter is so supportive and proud of her mommy and keeps telling me you can do it mom dont stop know shes a very brave and smart kid for 9.well just wanted to update anyone has been following my story.please reply
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Thanks for the update Ang...I'm glad you're feeling better
Congrats on day 12.

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