I want to drink today

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Hi Least! Great to see your still sober! I remember reading your posts back when we were both drinking. You were really going through some tough times and it's great to hear how well you're now doing. Your posts back then helped me alot and your posts now that you're sober help me even more. Thank you.
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Looking For Myself...Sober
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Congratulations on 41 days.
yea..Just remember these days like you said are just sprinkled in.
Hang in there.
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everything is already ok
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Congrats on 41 days, eventually I needed something more than support from others and my will power and I started working the steps in na since then the obsession has left me and life continues to open up as I progress.

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Don't drink. It won't make anything better. The last time I felt the way you did, I ended up in a jail cell with a DUI. Gee! That made things better. Uggg!
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Ruch...sorry you had one of those days today. I had one like that real bad on Monday. I stayed sober and I'm really glad you are doing so as well. It is actually very helpful to me to see people like you who are willing to post honestly when the desire to drink becomes very strong. I have not yet learned how to share that with people until after the feeling passes...

I love hearing about how others stay sober. The face to face is very important to me, but I also know that there will always be times when either others are not available to help me, or that I am incapable in the moment of reaching out. That is when having a path to follow helps. Thinking through the drink, not getting too hungry, meditation, having spritual books around...all these things are tools that help me to continue on the path of sobriety when it hardly seems worth it in the moment.

Hang in there!:ghug3
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Thanks for posting your struggle on this craving and also your victory over it. I like that you used the word: sprinkled. I'll remember that when I get my next big one. I'm on 33 days and I've been lucky to have only two really difficult cravinsg during this but I know one is waiting for me eventually and it helps to have tools handy for when they come. Your post is positive. Thank you.
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good advice, thanks for sharing
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