Here I go again.

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome to SR!

I quit bothering with MJ years before
I stoppped my destructive drinking.
Booze was my DOC...drug of choice.

have you checked out our Sustance Abuse Forum?
There might be some insite for you there.
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One thing in your favor is that you're 28.

Start changing things - do something new, at least think new. You got to start somewhere otherwise you could end up like a lot of us and be 48 instead - saying the exact same thing.
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I'm the same way with smoking. It lost it's fun years ago, and I'm not happy when I do it, I'm not happy when I can't do it. I'm trying to quit that along with drinking and cigs. All I wanna do it smoke a little so I can sleep, but I eat too much when I do it and I'm trying to get a job. Good luck! It'll get easier...I'm still trying to find ways to wind down at night, I'm exhausted all day from not being able to fall asleep.
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Hi KJ, welcome to SR. You'll find lots of support here.

I agree with resistra, I'm 28 as well and I can symphatize with:

"The fact that I'm 28 years of age, and I've done absolutely nothing with myself is literally eating me up from the inside out."

I've struggled a lot with that feeling, but at the same time I'm glad I got to this point sooner rather than later - obviously the best case would have been not to be here in the first place, but I'm fed up with what ifs so I'm not going down that road anymore.

Seems like you have thought about your own benefits of not drugging; try to focus on that, maybe it'll give you the strength you need to get kickstarted. Sometimes it's not about what you have to lose if you keep drugging, it's more about what you have to gain!

Take care

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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Sounds like it.

The big question is are you willing to do what ever it takes to get and stay clean and sober?

When I reached the point where I was willing to do what ever it takes to get and stay clean and sober is when my recovery began. At that point I became willing to try ways other then my own to stop and stay stopped! I became willing to listen to and follow suggestions from people who had found a solution to their own problem.

Are you willing to do what ever it takes to get and stay clean and sober?

If you are, there is a solution that has worked for many others and I can assure you that it is, if you follow suggestions and are willing to do the work not only something that will help you stay clean and sober, but also make you a better and happier person then you would ever dream possible.

For me because my DOC was alcohol I found my solution in AA, the solution was given to me freely by people who have been in my shoes and found a solution. Many in AA are both alcoholics & drug addicts and have found the solution for both in AA.

There is also NA which is Narcotics Anonymous which is basically the same program but dealing with drug addictions.
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