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I didn't drink yesterday, or take any tablets I don't feel great today, in fact I'm cold, feel sick, headache, shaking, feel really anxious...and although its only 10:47 all I'm thinking of drink or taking medication (I self medicate and drink too much..sorry can't say the other words )

I'm going on a detox (just fruit and water) to try and get rid of the toxins..I'm a little worried cause I don't know how I will respond...I want to change, get clean..I've never gone more then 1 day without a drink not in a while, I'm drinking over a 100 units a week and have been for about 2 years, before that I was a binge drinking at least 4 or 5 times a week. Oh I'm rabbiting on...sorry.
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Congratulations on getting through yesterday J. That is amazing. Be proud of you.

The fruit and fluid is good, but please stay safe. Im sure you have read all the stuff on here about withdrawing. But just make sure you saty safe and take care of your health.

But really amazing for you to have got through Yesterday

Well done J

Love and hugs
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I'm really proud of you too J that must've taken a lot of guts to stick it's nearly my bedtime now, so I'll check in (my)tomorrow

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Good for you! I found that yogurt went down well when little else did, but I was detoxing not from alcohol but something else.
Take good care of yourself and be proud of you, you deserve it!
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It's always best to talk to your dr before you detox from alcohol.
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I am so glad you are doing better.
And I agree..Talk with your dr about it first.
Keep it up. Be proud!!
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Agree with all that was said above...not the safest thing to go "cold turkey" off of any substance, even alcohol. But, it can be done...fruit juice, plenty of water, light foods (whatever you can tolerate)...stay away from should start feeling better by the fifth or sixth day. Then, I would strongly suggest AA meetings to reinforce your sobriety.

I do hope you have someone with you while you're going through the withdrawal. Best of luck to you...hang in's worth it.
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I guess I'm used to failing..its second nature..I managed to get past the 15:00 mark, then just after 18:00, I opened a bottle of wine and started drinking it..My sides were hurting, my stomach and I was freezing cold, then hot and bein sick just one drink and the pain was gone and I was feelin better, the pain and had gone. I was getting more and more anxious as the day went on, panicing about going to sleep tonight without having a drink, I had hullancations and the flashbacks seemed more intense. I don't have anyone face to face who can support me..

I tried an AA group last week had a panic attack at the door felt sick, couldn't breath, the whole place was closing in on me, everything was going dark and I started to be physically sick, went home and then had a drink, and went to the pub.

I'm a failure. I guess its time to disappear. sorry, let u down again.
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Please talk to your therapist about this. You need that help and support.
You know we care!
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let it grow!
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hey thiskid - be safe with the detox. blessings, k
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Sorry I'm so angry with myself right now, I'm angry and feeling really mad with myself...i'm the one whose messing up, I'm the one whose making mistakes...I know its my own fault. I'm weak. weak weak weak. i've had enough of fighting everything..this is it for me. nothing ever eases, nothing ever goes away and everything is a fight too big for u can see how pathetic I am.
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P-shaw! Read around and you will find that everyone here agrees that alcoholism was too big for them.

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