Bedtime Gratitude ... Part 44 - All Are Welcome!

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Grateful for a day off and making the most of it. Started it with a morning meeting. Heard just what I needed to hear from someone who went back out - that it gets worse when you go back out.

Listened to some of the top 40 countdown of this week from 1973 on Sirius radio 70's station to and from the meeting. And the #1 song on the charts on this week in 1973 was.......Roberta Flack "Killing me softly."

Went out after the meeting and saw the movie "Non-Stop."

Ate, took a nap, worked out, ate dinner, then went out again to see another movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

It gets stressful and I still worry about stuff, but overall I'm grateful I'm in an alright spot right now in life.
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So very grateful for a beautiful, meaningful, sober day!!
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Grateful for the increase in temps here that allowed me to take a great walk around a reservoir with my headphones/music.

Grateful I didn't cave into a VERY strong craving today, and grateful that I finally made some calls and prayed which helped a lot.
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Grateful for a quiet happy day.
Grateful that my reaction to a cold trying to get a hold is to not drink and instead help my body fight the invader.
Grateful for good times.
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Grateful that I have finally learned to say 'NO' to the people in my life who hurt and disappoint me.
Grateful to be feeling stronger every day...sobriety constantly brings new rewards.

Nite all,

Love V xx
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Grateful for a bag of fresh trout!
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To Aly,

So glad you are there for your Mom and not drinking has some many positives!!?? We can be there for yourself and others and they are so fortunate...what a relief to wake the next day feeling great that you chose not to drink...stay close and Mom needs you too! Luv, Ipanema
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Grateful that when my boss made me stay for an emergency and didn't help me, I found others to help me and detached from my anger toward her.

Grateful I saw my Dad and his surgery went well and his color is good.
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Grateful that your dad is doing well after his surgery Eternal!! ♥
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good news eq!

grateful that my friend with 2 years,

that "thought" it was a good idea to have a couple hits of a joint,

made it back without any serious damage or consequences.
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Grateful my mom seemed in pretty good spirits when I went to visit tonight. Hopefully she can come home soon.

Grateful they are taking such good care of her and are so nice to her.
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Time For A New Thread

Continues Here;
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